Features IBM Watson involved in an online game of a new type


    If you've ever seen Sword Art Online anime, you probably wondered why there are no MMO games based on the series. Heroes, plot, environment - everything is perfect for creating this kind of application. Many fans of this anime have repeatedly appealed to the authors of the project with a request to develop a toy, but until a certain moment the requests remained unheard.

    But now the moment of truth has come - not only that, based on Sword Art Online, a huge MMO world is being created, IBM Watson is also taking part in the creation of this world. This game is one of the most technologically advanced, and not only because of the participation in the development and management of the game world of the cognitive system, but also because the game world is a virtual reality.

    The player is fully immersed in the game world, putting on a video send. The plot of the game and its ecosystem is worked out very carefully - there are separate classes of characters, a set of basic characteristics and "professions". Inside the game there are social and economic ties between the characters.

    Three companies are working on the game: IBM Japan, Bandai Namco and Aniplex. The game itself belongs to the new class VRMMO (yes, this is VR and MMO), and it is called Sword Art Online: The Beginning. Video presentation toys below.

    About the game so far not very much is known. But IBM has stated that much is tied to cognitive computing, which can lead to more realistic AI enemies and other mobs (NPC). In addition, to control your character do not need accessories such as controllers - all movements are performed by a person in the real world, and these actions are transferred to the virtual world. The game character is a gamer's avatar in the game world.

    The game was open to beta testers of 208 people. So far, testers are recruited only from Tokyo, so the rest of the world is waiting. But if everything goes as it should, and the game will be implemented entirely, it will be a new word in the game.

    As for virtual reality, Sword Art Online: The Beginning supports two classes of video helmets - Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. So, if you are still thinking about whether to buy such a system or not, the emergence of this game can be a decisive argument in favor of the purchase.

    Anime Sword Art Online is available on Netflix and Hulu, here you can familiarize yourself with the plot and learn more about the characters.

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