Mikeysoft - BBS sysop that ceased to exist in 1995

    Last time I published a translation of the history of the scene , about the times when releases were broadcast via BBS. Now I want to talk about one of the cases that occurred then. In the 2nd issue of The Naked Truth warez magazine, we can read a list called “BBS Cemetery” - a list of BBS-ok, which in different years were closed by themselves, or they were closed by the police. This list also includes the Arizona node of The Final Frontier, managed by a certain Mikeysoft and The Pits, which was managed by Pieman.

    When on October 17, 1995 (if I'm not mistaken in the calculations), The Final Frontier modem lines suddenly stopped responding, everyone was worried about what happened. There were various rumors. A few days later, Mikey himself appeared on the network, but he denied everything, dissuading himself from various stories. Another well-known participant in the scene, w00per, said that Mikey was arrested, and that the addresses, phone numbers and other data of almost everyone who dealt with him were already in the hands of the authorities, as he was very careless and kept all this unencrypted. The following week, Pieman was arrested in New York. He himself reported this scene immediately, although this threatened him with an increase in punishment.

    Then everyone understood that Mikeysoft was also arrested, and several people who knew him spoke out on this score, but the most interesting was the conversation with Oil Patch on November 4, which was published in the 5th issue of Inquisition magazine. A full translation of this conversation is under the cut.

    Today I very persistently told Mikey that Enough is already lying. And if he continues, I will show the logs of phone calls. Because he, with his lies, is still trying to get out of the water dry. It was like this ...

    First, do you remember when we were told that Mikey was in a coma?

    Yes ..

    It was on Thursday after he was arrested on Tuesday! And if you remember, he also said that he was robbed, right?

    Yes, but that was before.

    So, no one robbed him. He was arrested on Tuesday morning. That Tuesday when he said he was robbed! And then there was this. Usually I talk to him on the phone somewhere in a day ... and so it was for many years. I began to call him that evening, on Tuesday, the day of his arrest. All of his modems and phone were busy. But this has never happened before, he has call waiting turned on. I tried until 2 nights and it was busy all the time. I tried on Wednesday morning, still busy. On Thursday afternoon, the voice line was released, but the modems did not answer.

    I left him a message on Wednesday, or rather two or three. His attorney answered me on Thursday. At least he said he was a lawyer. He said Mikey is in a coma. But Mikey was NOT in a coma, he was not in the hospital, although he took a rather large dose of sleeping pills.

    OK And why did his lawyer lie?

    He simply transmitted the message, as Mikey asked him because Mikey KNEW that I would be worried about what had happened, and he did not want to say that he was arrested. By the way, the lawyer in question is a certain Chester. Not his usual Clint Smith, but from the same firm.

    That Thursday, when we received a message from the IRC, I started calling hospitals. I called every hospital in Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, etc. Mikey was not in the hospital. I called everyone in Phoenix who knew Mikey, and no one heard anything or saw him.

    Friday morning I called his lawyer, Clint Smith. I said: “We were informed that Mikey was in a coma. I called all the hospitals and Mikey is not in any of them. What's happening?"

    He replied: “Yes, Mikey is not in the hospital. He is at home, but he has other problems now. ”

    And then I realized that he was arrested. The lawyer said: "Call him tonight, I'm sure he will pick up the phone." By then I had talked with another person from Phoenix who SEEN Mikey and was at his house.


    No, it was a different person. He said Mikey was arrested. He was there, and not a single computer, not a single diskette was left in the house, nothing. He said that NO ONE would have stolen every tape, every cable, every floppy from him, and left all the expensive audio / video equipment and TVs.

    Then Mikey realized that we all know, and came up with this story with a robbery. On Friday night, I called him and he repeated to me the same thing about whom, robbery, etc.

    Why didn't Mikey want us to know that he was being arrested?

    Ask him, but that is far from everything. Believe me, I won’t tell everything, but I’m not going to lie anymore. In short, on Friday, Mikey got his monitor back. He received it not because the police allegedly FOUND it, but because of the confiscation law. By law, they cannot detain equipment that cannot contain evidence. In general, when I found out that the monitor was returned, I had NO doubt that he was being arrested.

    On Saturday, I asked him directly: "Mikey, tell me the truth, have you been arrested?" He replied: “this is absurd.” I said: "Mikey, this is dog shit, you were NOT in the hospital, I phoned them all and you were not there." He said: “Well, this is because they were told not to disclose information.”

    In general, I was sure that it was necessary to warn some comrades so that he could not go to their sites. Specifically, I informed the three that I KNOW that Mikey was arrested, although I have no evidence.

    We changed the IP of our site, and when on Friday night Mikey asked me for a new address, I said that I did not know him. He recognized it from someone else, and the log shows that he came in at about midnight, and stayed there for 2 hours. Another person I warned also asked Mikey whether he was arrested or not. It was Saturday, and Mikey said it was absurd! Be that as it may, Mikey got the IP address from someone else who did not know about the arrest.

    Maybe it wasn’t Mikey? IP spoofer / slirp?

    Not. In fact, Mikey himself admitted. He even said who gave him the address. I said that this is insanity. He replied, “C'mon, Novell won't check it anyway.” I said: “Mikey, to hell with yourself, you told me yourself that they watched you all the time”

    In short, somewhere on Saturday or Sunday, the Mikey account was deleted from the site. The next Tuesday, he called my office. He said: "Nola, Clint called me now, he accidentally heard a conversation at the police station between Gail Thackery and the dude from Novell, they are going to take BBSs in New York." He said that I MUST contact Pierre because he does not have his number. I was at work, and I never knew the name Pierre. Therefore, I could not call him.

    Toyman was warned.

    I warned Toyman. He was one of those three to whom I told. I told him that Mikey was arrested, Toyman called him and also directly asked about the arrest, and Mikey replied that this was not true. But the truth is that Mikey dropped by the IRC on Tuesday and told everyone that Novell was planning a raid on BBSs in New York.

    So he basically saved the toyman.

    Yes nifiga. He denied his arrest, he only told him about New York.

    But he warned Toyman that he could be taken too.

    Mikey DIDN’T TELL Toyman that they were going to take him until Thursday, when they took Pieman. Cut it on your nose. If you want, don’t believe me, I don’t care.

    Mikey and I were close friends for 4 or 5 years. He lied to me and continued to lie. He is still trying to twist around, as if to make his lie look believable. He says: "Well ... I guess I just lost the sense of time."

    I have no reason to denigrate Mikey. But I have reasons to protect people who are also my friends. I tried to warn them almost a week before Mikey admitted to being taken. And all this time Mikey went to the site.

    I remember it seemed like it was on Sunday, the week he was arrested. Someone went to NTA-nokturnal and said that Mikey was arrested. All these youngsters - his fans screamed - but how YOU DARE to say that. Hell, he didn't even say anything then. Still trying to warn only those who REALLY had to know.

    And if ANYBODY can refute at least a WORD from this, I promise to kiss their stinky asses. And believe me, I never kissed asses and I'm not going to start!

    Well, I can refute that he visited the site. However, after your words, I don’t know if it’s worth it.

    Hell, Devast, when I talked to him on the phone, he said he was coming. If you want to believe him, then he himself admitted.

    As I said, now I myself do not know.

    Let's show your evidence. If they are from Mikey and you believe it, to be honest, to hell. The truth is the truth, the rest does not interest me. Mikey said: “After all, it’s important not WHEN they took me, but that I warned Pie.” I told him: “Dog shit, you lied and lied and lied. Nobody will ever believe you again! ” What do you say to that?

    Nothing. We all lie, but of course it was too much.

    What was too much? I tried to protect the right people. Heck! Devast, they told you so. Not for me. They tried to tell you, but you did not want to believe. Sorry, that doesn't matter anymore. Hide your head in the sand if you like it. It's your problem.

    I want to know the truth.

    Devast, even NOW I don’t tell you everything I know. Because I promised Mikey that I would not say, and I would not say. I don’t think you believe me. Want to believe him, come on, believe it. Do whatever you want. We never talked with you, and I certainly have no reason to lie about a friend whom I have known for 4 years. We talked to every day. A friend I know better than any of you. But when this friend puts ALL of my other friends in danger with his lies and actions, I had to tell the truth.

    Do you think Mikey helped / helps novel / microsoft?

    I said only what was absolutely necessary to protect my friends. I won’t say anything more about this incident.

    It is very important whether it helps novel / microsoft. If so, then EVERYONE should know.

    I can only say: if he lied so much, what's the difference now?

    I need to know how far he went. I need to know the truth.

    Decide youself. Since he constantly lied, what's the difference, what did he do yet? Today, Mikey called me and asked me to confirm his story, that he called me on the phone and so on. I agreed, but said that I won’t lie about the rest. Given this, it is clear that his phone is not tapped.

    So the conversation ends, from which it is obvious, and this was confirmed by subsequent statements by Mikey that he, on the advice of a lawyer, hid his arrest until the last, as the police demanded it. What was happening at that time with Mikey, who visited his sites through his account, we most likely will never know. 18 years have passed, and now this is history, one of many. There are still a lot of BBSs on the list above, and next to every third of them is a short word “bust”.

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