New PhpStorm 7: Beyond the Language

    PhpStorm 7: Beyond the LanguageWe are in a hurry to announce the release of PhpStorm 7 , the new version of the IDE for developing in PHP from JetBrains.

    PhpStorm 7 allows you to keep up with the latest changes in PHP and other languages ​​for web development. This release of the IDE integrates a number of advanced tools and provides even more room for expansion by supporting major PHP frameworks.

    In version 7, you will find many new features, as well as improvements that affect all subsystems of the product.

    Let's see what's new in PhpStorm 7!

    PHP language support

    PHP 5.5

    In the new version, support for the latest PHP 5.5 is added to the already supported PHP 5.3 & 5.4 , including generators, coroutines, the finally keyword , list in foreach and other syntactic features of the latest version of the PHP language.

    The IDE also added a set of inspections that will analyze your code for errors in accordance with PHP 5.5.

    Efficient code reading

    Reading code is now much easier and more efficient, thanks to improved PHP syntax highlighting for various constructs, such as declaring functions and methods, function calls, classes and interfaces, and many others. Particularly beautiful, the new backlight looks in the dark Darcula , which has been significantly improved compared to the previous version.

    In addition, improvements have affected type inference and PHPDoc , new refactorings ( Move Static Member and Extract Interface ), as well as new code inspections and quick fixes.

    Built-in tools

    Quick setup environment for development with Vagrant

    Vagrant is a handy tool to help you create a reproducible virtual development environment.

    Vagrant allows you to share with other team members a simple script that contains all the information about the virtual machine for development. In this way, other developers can launch an identical virtual environment by running the vagrant up command directly from the IDE.

    Built-in SSH console and remote tools

    The built-in SSH console allows you to connect to a remote server and perform any actions on SSH without leaving the IDE. In addition, remote SSH tools can be configured to launch any remote command from the development environment in a couple of clicks:

    To make interaction with command line tools even more complete, we have added a built-in terminal emulator in which, for example, you can quickly edit the local configuration php.ini file or run a couple of scripts:

    Command line tools for frameworks

    The existing command line tools that can be used directly from PhpStorm with autocompletion of commands in this version include Zend Framework 2 tools (ZFTool), Drush (for Drupal), as well as tools created on top of the Symfony Console (Laravel and Doctrine). As before, you can add your own tools.

    Google App Engine Support for PHP

    When developing web applications on the Google App Engine for PHP in PhpStorm 7, you can delegate IDE routine deployment tasks. Build the application, run and debug it in your local environment, and deploy it to the GAE server without leaving PhpStorm.

    The familiar built-in tools have also been updated: the built-in REST client stores a request history, supports import / export of XML files with requests, and processes compressed responses; the Composer Add Dependency dialog now shows which packages are already installed in your project; as well as much more.

    Debugging and testing

    Debugger configuration validation

    Nothing disappoints more than the inability to use a debugger for your PHP application in PhpStorm due to a small environment configuration error in php.ini . Starting with this version, the IDE will help you quickly find an environment configuration error and save a lot of time.

    When configuring the PHP interpreter for the project, PhpStorm will inform you of the installed version of the debugger (for Xdebug or Zend Debugger). Further, from the PHP Server Settings tab of the IDE configuration, you can validate the debugger configuration : the remote environment will be checked, and if there are any configuration errors, PhpStorm will display information about them and show how they can be fixed.

    Debugging with Smart Step Into

    A new debugging option allows you to select the function that you need to go inside during debugging. In particular, Smart Step Into works for dynamic function calls.

    PHPUnit server improvements

    PHPUnit on the server has been redesigned for PhpStorm 7: now it can be configured using a configuration file in XML format. In addition, support for PHPUnit 3.7 has appeared.

    Frameworks and plugins

    Drupal Development

    PhpStorm 7 includes a Drupal plugin that provides many advanced features for Drupal development, such as:

    • Drupal integration for existing projects, creation of new Drupal projects;
    • IDE auto configuration (code standards, file associations, etc.);
    • Drupal hook support (code completion, navigation, documentation);
    • Drupal Drush command line tool integration
    • search in the Drupal API from the editor.

    The PHP Open API , added in PhpStorm 6, has been significantly improved, turning into a powerful extension point for IDE functionality, allowing third-party plug-in developers to implement type inference, code completion, navigation, and other best practices for various PHP frameworks.

    Symfony2 Plugin

    The open-source Symfony2 plugin , created by third-party developers, adds support for functions specific to the popular Symfony framework (such as type inference, code completion, navigation, actions), and more specifically for Symfony Core, Symfony Components, Twig templates, Doctrine, etc.

    In addition to In addition, plugins for Magento, CakePHP, Yii and many other PHP frameworks are available in our plugin repository .

    Frontend Development Tools

    As before, PhpStorm includes all the functions of WebStorm, and therefore we are pleased to present you an updated set of tools for web development:
    • various JavaScript templates (EJS, Mustache, Handlebars) and support for Web Components;
    • support for Stylus and Compass stylesheets;
    • JavaScript and Node.js: Karma JavaScript testing utility, istanbul code coverage analysis tool, integrated npm package manager;
    • significant changes to Live Edit and the JavaScript debugger.

    Anything else?

    It would be very difficult to tell in one post about all the innovations that are waiting for you in PhpStorm 7, so we will not even try to do this, giving you the opportunity to see for yourself how much more productive and exciting the work with the code will become after the transition to the new version.

    This release of PhpStorm also included many features and enhancements to the IntelliJ platform, including sending pull requests to the GitHub repository without leaving the IDE, database and SQL improvements, full-screen view for all platforms, view for presentations, as well as many other innovations.

    In this English-language blog is, the materials on the majority described in this post ficham, moreover, it has recently published the full two-hour video course on PhpStormwhere you can learn about the best practices in the IDE.

    What's next?

    Download the free 30-day trial version of PhpStorm 7 on the product page, where you can find out more about the new version if you wish .

    Upgrading to version 7 is free for anyone who has acquired a license after October 22, 2012.

    Comments and suggestions on the new version, we will be very happy in our bug tracker or in the comments to this post.

    And of course, follow PhpStorm on Twitter to keep abreast of our news!

    Program with pleasure!
    - JetBrains PhpStorm Team

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