Habrakat is a necessary and useful thing. But IMHO is slightly unfinished.

    Now, before I open the article in its entirety (click to read further), I remember what the last read paragraph looks like and its approximate meaning. After the page has opened (usually in a new tab) and rewound to the anchor, I raise it slightly with a wheel and look at what I stopped at, because some authors shove the habracat not between paragraphs, but in the middle of it. But sometimes I can’t even immediately find the place where I stopped. Therefore, you have to “rummage” in a previously re-read text in order to perceive the article holistically.

    I propose the following thing: when the author puts the habracat, the anchor is placed just above the place where he was supposed to be (5-10 lines), and opposite the place of the real habracat, on the left margin, display the scissors icon. Very simple and clear.

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