Hipster podcasts # 1

    The term "hipster" derived from the slang "to be hip", translates approximately as "being in the subject." IT podcasts listen to a limited number of people who can be attributed to this category, most of whom, I am sure, regularly read and Habr. Therefore, I decided to start this section, in which I will review domestic podcasts on IT topics, which, in my opinion, deserve your attention.

    In the first issue we will talk about BeardyCast - a podcast in which three (and sometimes four) presenters discuss smartphones, series, games and movies. At the time of this writing, 194 releases are available, which you can listen to via iTunes , Spotify , PlayerFM , and also directly on their website .Personally, I listen to podcasts through the PocketCast application. You can also find guys there by typing "BeardyCast" in the search podcast line.

    The podcast are four interesting guys:

    • Andrey Baryshnikov ( @BilberryMuffin )

      The founder of the podcast, I follow him since the time when he wrote articles on Keddr. In addition to the main podcast, in conjunction with Roman Yuriev, he maintains a podcast about bodybuilding and fitness - BeardyBuilding ( iTunes / PlayerFM ).
    • Sergey Epihin ( @EpihinS )

      Permanent co-host of the podcast.
    • Anton Pozdnyakov ( @kuingul )

      The most erudite (in his own opinion) presenter of the podcast, therefore, apart from the main one, he also individually conducts the podcast “The Big Beard Theory” ( iTunes / PlayerFM ) in which he talks about the latest news from the world of science and technology. Likes to watch Belarusian “What? Where? When? ”And do not forget to regularly mention this in podcasts.
    • Vladimir Plotnikov ( @DSWNG )

      Relatively recently joined the guys, talks about games, comics and movies.

    There are already quite a few podcasts on absolutely any topic on the domestic market, which is why those in which the presenters express their own opinions on a particular topic are especially appreciated. I listen to BeardyCast for this very reason: the presenters share their impressions about the purchases of gadgets, watched movies or TV shows, and also invite interesting guests from other podcasts and discuss with them some narrowly focused topics, such as the arrangement of a smart home .

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