Briggo: a coffee bot that brews coffee no worse than a barista

    I think, on Habré a large number of coffee lovers. There are probably just lovers of the taste of coffee drinks, and those who use coffee only as a stimulant (especially in the morning). So, recently, information was published about the robotic barista Briggo, capable of making a huge number of coffee drinks, including those prepared according to the recipe of the client himself.

    Briggo does not look like a humanoid robot, of course. Outside it is a kind of kiosk, the size of which is comparable to the size of a telephone booth. Briggo is a serious startup that has already received about 11 million dollars of investments, this is not a concept.

    Leading positions in the company are held by people who previously worked at Motorola, Dell, Johnson & Johnson and other well-known organizations.

    As mentioned above, Briggo is able to prepare almost any of the famous coffee (and not only) drinks. Espresso, Americano, iced coffee, Moccaccino, latte and others - all this is available to the client who wants to taste something special. According to the developers, the machine can also prepare drinks based on tea, but the main attention was paid to the preparation of coffee and derivatives. Soon, a cooking device can also be shown, something like a multicooker , only larger and more productive.

    Briggo is interesting not only because it can make many types of coffee drinks, but also because its work is automated. There is a special application for a smartphone that allows you to find the nearest Briggo “kiosk” and order a drink from your smartphone, already on the way. So, you can get your coffee just when you come close to the machine, and not wait a few minutes.

    Soon, such kiosks will appear in many places in the United States, and I would hope that not only the United States, but also in Europe, as well as the CIS countries.

    Via dvice

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