Chelyabinsk meteorite: systematized photo and video materials

    On February 15, 2013, a meteorite fell in the Urals. To date, the Chelyabinsk meteorite - if not the most famous, then one of the most famous. Not the last role in such great fame was played by an incredible huge amount of photo / video material.

    A little about myself - I’m a little interested in astronomy myself, and suddenly it became interesting for me to calculate the elements of the meteoroid’s orbit based on photos and videos. But for me it was a problem to find a large number of videos. The fact is that when calculating the orbits for more accurate results, as many measurements as possible should be taken into account.
    On youtube, I found less than five videos that could be put into action, but the problem is that they were not attached to the place, that is, the coordinates of the location were not given. And then I came across the work of an enthusiast, who helped me a lot.
    His name is Nikita Loskutov ( ) Actually the result of the work:

    Photo / video catalog of the Chelyabinsk meteorite with shooting coordinates:

    As of September 29, 2013 there are more than 300 photos / videos, 182 points shooting with coordinates.

    Lists of materials from the ChelyabinskFall catalog are here: - VKontakte group
    and here: - Blog

    To view all these materials with reference to the map by coordinates - GoogleEarth KMZ

    ChelyabinskFall_182.doc - MS Word document with a list of all observation points with coordinates and links to photos / videos.

    The main feature of this work is the presence of coordinates for each observation, and in this collection you can find a lot of beautiful photos. Enjoy it!
    I am very glad that there are enthusiasts who spend a lot of time creating such things, because this is part of our history and science. On the other hand, social networks have greatly helped in this project.
    A small selection of photos, where the trace of the meteorite casts a shadow:

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