Google shares first hit $ 1,000

    After another successful fiscal quarter, Google shares broke a new record and first climbed above $ 1,000 .

    Over the three months from July to September, the company's profit grew by 36% and reached $ 2.97 billion. As a result, Google stock jumped by 13.3% in one day - from $ 887 to $ 1,007 (for now), and continue to grow.

    Since the beginning of 2013, Google shares have already grown by 41%. This is a rather symbolic phenomenon, because it was in this year that the company closed Google Reader, began to further promote Google+ and took a number of other measures unpopular with users.

    At the same time, Google in February launched a service for advertisers to help them launch comprehensive advertising campaigns for smartphones, tablets and desktop PCs. As you can see, such a policy is beneficial for business. Analysts believe that Google has great potential in selling video ads on YouTube, the popularity of which is also constantly growing. Many modern teens watch videos on the Internet more often than TV.

    YouTube’s video ad revenue grew 75% last quarter from last year, with mobile devices generating 40% of YouTube’s traffic.

    A successful financial report by Google helped other Internet companies, as it demonstrated the good condition of the online advertising market. So, Facebook shares rose 4.4% and also reached a record high of $ 55, Amazon shares rose 3.4%.

    With $ 1007 worth of shares, Google has a market capitalization of more than $ 336 billion, although that’s far from Apple’s $ 461 billion

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