Bitcoin users may have discovered Ross Ulbricht’s personal wallet

    I think everyone read the article about the arrest of Silk Road creator Ross Ulbricht. Then there were articles about how he was found , as well as how much money was contained (and still is) on the Silk Road wallet. In one of the notes, information was published that Ross’s personal wallet has not yet been found , but, presumably, it contains 600 thousand bitcoins, or, at the rate at the time of writing that note, $ 80 million. As far as I can tell, Ross’s wallet was still found (of course, no one still has access to it).

    So, a user of the Bitcoin system, and a patron of the resource, has published a topic, which provides quite convincing evidence in favor of the fact that the wallet found by this person belongs to the Terrible Pirate Roberts.

    And such evidence. Once, a user with the nickname altoid (such a nickname was used by Ross Ulbricht) published a post with the wallet address 1LDNLreKJ6GawBHPgB5yfVLBERi8g3SbQS . It is on this wallet that currently contains about 11 thousand bitcoins. Moreover, this wallet is connected with another, where there are more than 10 times more bitcoins, 111 thousand . At the current rate, this is about 17 million US dollars. For all that, there were no outgoing transactions from this wallet, as claimed by the user who discovered it.

    But a major incoming transaction of 41 thousand bitcoins was made on July 2, 2011, this is just a few months after Silk Road became popular.

    After checking this information, it turned out that wallets with large “amounts” of bitcoins are indeed connected, however, this is still not direct evidence that both wallets belong to the same person. However, the likelihood that this is the case is quite high.

    And yes, now a wallet with the equivalent of $ 17 million on it is a leader among all other bitcoin wallets. By the way, the wallet from "altoid" is associated with another wallet, where there are 23 thousand bitcoins .

    In general, if the wallets really belong to Ulbricht, and the likelihood of this is high, then this case can serve as a kind of guide "what should not be done if you are going to conduct covert activities." One can only wonder how Ulbricht was not caught earlier.

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