Python Meetup: Garbage collector and a bit of memory management


Coordinates for fans to talk about near-python topics have already been determined: last Friday of the month, the center of Minsk, Python Meetup. And traditionally, before the next meeting we publish the video of the previous meeting - in September we discussed the Garbage collector: what, why, why?

Garbage collector and a bit of memory management ” - Kirill Lashkevich notorca , Viber

Unlike Kirill’s voluminous report, the author’s annotation is quite ascetic: a report on what a garbage collector is, why it is needed, how to do without it, how it works and ... when it doesn’t work. In this case, brevity is the sister of talent. Attention on youtube screen!

PS: Vanguy, the question "Where is the report of Stas Rudakov from this meeting" - the report will be read at another conference, and in order to avoid spoilers, we decided to publish the video a little later.

PPS: Last Friday of October will also not be an exception for Python Meetup. The meeting will be held in the very center of Minsk on October 25. All details can be found on our FB page .

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