Seeking advice from experts and colleagues (mobile solutions)

    We expected that exactly a month ago the mobile version of " More than Reader " would be available for beta testing . Unfortunately, our partner, a fairly well-known Moscow-based mobile application development company, does not cope with deadlines even for a non-native version. Money was paid to the contractor, equipment was purchased, racks were connected, the platform was buzzing - but there was no front end, project plans with partners (including a special project with Habr) were frozen, participation in planned events and competitions was disrupted.

    Since our specialization is Web, two weeks ago we decided not to wait for hopeless contractors and concentrated on the Web version, while simultaneously starting to communicate with several other development companies. And then the thought came to ask the Habr community for advice: can someone advise a good strategic partner, or even offer his own company?

    It was not for nothing that we used the “strategic” one, because in our far-reaching plans we need an ambitious creative partner who dreams of revealing his talents in “cool” projects. And able to work very fast. We are pleased to hear all offers and links to sensible companies / teams / groups.

    Moreover, we are ready to give everyone a chance to participate in the creation of the application: provide access to the documentation for the Platform API for “More than Reader” and the API itself to test the functionality.

    Requests for access to documentation, the Web version, user cases, functional design are accepted in free form to We will also be happy to “listen” to everyone who has something to say on the topic, but there is no way to speak in the comments.

    Now about the Web version: in the very near future (a week or two) we plan to open a Web solution for testing functionality. Of course, it would be nice to announce access right when this post is published, but today's post is primarily about finding a mobile solutions partner. And for testing the Web solution “More than Reader”, we are ready to send links at the request of Harbrovets, those who like to give tips on how to make it more convenient and correct :-)

    We look forward to your recommendations and comments!

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