Anki DRIVE - back to childhood

    Anki DRIVE.

    From June 10 to 14, 2013 at the Moscone West exhibition complex in San Francisco, the Apple Developers World Conference, WWDC 2013, was held. This event passed by Habr. Well, I could not find this year's recordings. However, at this conference a new toy was presented, or rather toys - smart Anki DRIVE racing cars.

    If you,% habruiser%, found the time “Behind the wheel”, remember toy railways that replaced cars on control panels in the 90s or are currently fond of robotics, copters and helicopters, then I ask for cat.

    Anki DRIVE is an artificial intelligence robotic race car. AI allows cars to drive without human intervention. For example, you can play against the computer, or you can drive with friends.

    Together with the cars is a vinyl track. Small cameras are built into the cars, thanks to which the AI ​​can calculate its position on the track itself. What does he do it well and it will be difficult for the player to beat him.

    Anki DRIVE is not yet on sale, but the developer’s website already has a link to download the Anki DRIVE typewriter control application. Through this application you will be able to control these cars. You can steer using the accelerometer of your device, i.e. tilting it, as in many racing simulators. Of course, the player has access to gas and brake controls, and there is also the opportunity to shoot from a virtual weapon. With this weapon, as you probably guessed, you can shoot at opponents and earn points, and buy new weapons for points, improve them and the characteristics of the machine. Does it resemble something?

    All Anki cars are unique, everyone has their own characteristics (acceleration, energy, etc.). It will be very difficult to pump your car to the full.

    The developers hope that Anki DRIVE will be a serious step in the consumer robotics and artificial intelligence industries, which are currently in their infancy. For ordinary people, talking about technologies from these industries seems like science fiction or they think that such technologies are very expensive and / or accessible only to factories and laboratories. But Anki DRIVE will try to break these stereotypes.

    Anki DRIVE.

    Sales will begin in a week - October 23. For a set of two cars, charging and a vinyl track - the developers intend to ask for $ 199. For each additional machine - $ 69. I also found information that initially sales will be limited to the United States and a small number of retailers (including, of course, the Apple Store chain).

    Links: website ,blog

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