Deerploy DevOps MeetUp

    We are continuing a series of technical meetings. The next in line is Deerploy DevOps MeetUp , where experts from 2GIS, Group, Altinity, Mamba, Positive Technologies and, of course, FunCorp will perform. Program under the cat.


    Evgeny Dekhtyaryov, 2GIS

    “Deliver to Kubernetes. Continuously and in their own way. ”

    • The history of the development of PaaS in 2GIS
    • PaaS versus standard way to deliver applications and infrastructure to a battle
    • Kubernetes' own delivery method is the logical and only right decision.

    Alexey Sokolov, Group

    "Ansible idempotent"

    • Methods for creating reliable, predictable and easy to support Ansible scripts
    • Typical errors and problems encountered in novice author scenarios
    • Why it is so important to strive for high quality infrastructure code

    Vitaly Yablonsky, FunCorp

    “A (s) PI - Audit and Infrastructure Conversion”

    • Why did they conduct an audit and what did they come to
    • Aws - reservations and optimization
    • Package / source store - integration and other stuff
    • Metrics and monitoring - saved, but popular quest
    • Analytics - red shift or green charts
    • Mobile builds - transfer to your environments
    • Conversion results

    Mikhail Buylov, Mamba

    “Deploy without engineer release: automation of development, testing and release in Mamba”

    • 40+ people in development, 7 teams, 5 products
    • Parallel development and implementation of functionality in several products
    • Automated localization, as one of the stages of release
    • Server code without downtime
    • Monitoring the system and monitoring the success of the release

    Alexander Zaitsev, Altinity

    “Switching to ClickHouse from other systems: problems, solutions and results”

    • Specific features of ClickHouse
    • Proper use of ClickHouse instead of other DBMS
    • Organization of the migration process
    • Examples of successful transition from other solutions

    Dmitry Miroshnichenko, Positive Technologies

    "The practice of using Salt in the assembly line"

    • Preparing a virtual infrastructure for multi-part products
    • Preparing the assembly environment
    • Orchestration assembly environment
    • Typical infrastructure maintenance tasks

    September 29, beginning at 12:00. Sign up for the mitap here :

    UPD: the live webcast will be available via the link .
    Come! It will be interesting!

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