New Nimbus Screen Capture with Sharing

    Not much time has passed since the last first review of our Nimbus Screen Capture product, and today we are ready to present a new version of the add-on, in which a number of important changes are added.


    Sending to Nimbus

    Update is extremely important for us because this is the first application that fully works with the new cloud service Nimbus, which can be found at (carefully, beta version!)

    Quite often, a situation arises when you need to quickly make a description of the screen and get a quick link to it. For this purpose, we added the Send to Nimbus item in the screenshot saving window. You just need to create a new account in Nimbus (it will take less than 30 seconds), specify the folder to send with the desired comment and voila!

    The resulting link can immediately be reduced to a less acceptable size.


    Changes in the editor

    In addition to card sharing, we've also added a number of changes in the editor, who demanded asked our users. In particular, now there is a more flexible adjustment of the thickness of lines and text. We also added a new tool - “Text + arrow”, the function of which is understandable by name).


    We also significantly optimized the code, which increased the overall speed of applications.

    A full version of the addon is now available for users of the Opera browser (version must be from 17 and above).

    Download the add-on for Chrome -

    For the Opera browser (version 17 and higher) - screen-capture

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