Backpack Bobby Urban: the inner world under lock and key

    Recently Habr arranged the first meeting of the authors of the site, which we happened to attend. And Bobby’s backpack showed one flaw that nobody had written about before. This backpack was in 4 of the first 5 people who came (they no longer considered it further), but it is obvious that this backpack should also not be lost among the same :) Of course, the company offers different color solutions, and some companies brand their backpacks (for example, refueling Shell or many IT companies like Kaspersky), but much nicer when the company offers new products. And she does it so quickly that you probably could have become entangled in the model range "Bobbov".

    It is foolish to deny the success of the debut model of the backpack Bobby from the Dutch company XD Design, about which we wrote in detail - now this backpack is in every store, it is constantly being played in various competitions. It would be strange if the company stopped on one model, well, or a couple. Therefore, today in our review - the newest model of the backpack, Bobby Urban.
    TL; DR: If there is no time to read: Bobby Urban - a new model of backpacks from XD Design. It differs from Urban Lite by more durable (cut resistant) and practical material. From all the well-known Bobby is almost twice the capacity, although the internal space is not organized so conveniently. Also “out of the box” there is a combination lock, a secure RFID pocket, but without a compartment for a paverbank. In fact, both backpacks were good, if you care about the safety of personal belongings - choose any, depending on your tasks.

    At the end of the post a 20% discount.
    Like its predecessor, Bobby Urban is the result of a successful crowdfunding campaign , in which, instead of the planned 50 thousand euros, more than 200 thousand were collected in just one month. Production began in May, and in Russia, the first copies appeared around mid-summer.

    When discussing this model with acquaintances, one and all said: “Listen, well, I haven’t ever cut my backpack and stolen anything, I don’t understand why to overpay for it”. It turns out, the problem is contrived and you can not worry about the safety of their belongings? Everyone decides for himself, but, unfortunately, nobody came up with the statistics on thefts - this is really a common article of the Criminal Code, and not only in Russia. They steal everything and everywhere: video recorders from cars, cheese curds in AUCHAN, paper clips from desktops and in general everything that lies badly. Even here, a three-ton pyramid with the inscription "The Debtor" was recently stolen :)

    So is it worth it to additionally secure the safety of personal belongings in everyday use? If so, read on.


    The first few hundred Bobby backpacks arrived in Russia in packages, all the subsequent ones were sold in boxes. Urban was no exception - familiarity with it begins with a black cardboard box.

    It has a backpack itself drawn in three projections, and all its chips are listed:

    - Integrated lock /
    Watertight lock
    - Anti-cut fabric / Anti-cut fabric / Water-resistant
    compartment / Borjomi compartment
    - Luggage strap / luggage strap
    - Additional net / optional mesh compartment
    - Reflective stripes / reflective stripes
    - Fits up to 15.6 "laptops / suitable for laptops up to 15.6"
    - RFID pocket / RFID pocket
    - Shock-proof / something like damped
    - Adjustable capacity / adjustable capacity
    - Hidden pockets / hidden pockets

    A good list, there are interesting fad, but the experienced view of the debut Bobby owner could already notice the missing ones.

    The package bundle is rather modest: the backpack itself and the fixed combination lock, as well as the grid of the optional compartment. But neither a small "wallet", nor a thermomug, nor a moisture-proof cover (well, he doesn’t need it here), nor anything else that could be found in the bundle with the first Bobby.

    There is also a “licensed piece of paper” - if you erase the protective layer on it and drive digits on the manufacturer’s website , you can check the authenticity of the product.

    Madrobots sells only original XD DESIGN backpacks:


    Hmm, probably not mistaken, if we say that Bobby Urban is a symbiosis of a backpack and a bag. If you look at it from the "back" side (from the one that is adjacent to the body), you will see the familiar "back" of the usual Bobby:

    ... but from the "front side" we have an oblong cloth bag that closes with a zipper and a lock in the upper part.

    A rather unusual solution, which, after the elegant appearance of the original Bobby, looks somewhat "careless" and shapeless.

    But you should use a backpack for at least a couple of days ... and you will understand the highlight of this decision. And it lies in the fact that the top of the baga backpack can be rolled up “up to three times” (this is called rolltop), thereby adjusting the size of the backpack. If you want it to be compact - do three turns and is ready; I want to fit more inside - a slight movement of the arm and you have an elegant jetpack behind your back. Such a transformer metamorphosis would not have been possible with a rigid, like Bobby, construction.

    The second noticeable difference (after the new form factor) is the new fabric of the backpack. In Bobby, the main front and bottom are represented by rubberized material (vaguely reminiscent of soft-touch), and on the sides is thick fabric. In Urban, only the bottom of a backpack is made of similar rubberized fabric (it is waterproof and cut resistant):

    While the main part is made of fabric with a very complex composition. Here you will even have to look into the cheat sheet:

    64% - UHMWPE (Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight PolyEthylene, Ultra-high molecular weight high-density polyethylene, also known as High-Modulus Polyethylene, also known as UHMWPE / Wiki )
    16% - PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride, PVC / Wiki )
    14% - Polyester (Polyester / Wiki )
    6% - Glass fiber (Fiberglass / Wiki )

    In short, this explosive mixture provides (according to the manufacturer) to the knapsack high wear-resistant properties, including resistance to cuts and water repellency. There is a twin backpack Bobby Urban Lite - it has plain fabric, no cut-proof properties.

    The “Urbana” fabric is black and white, the “white noise” is damn practical, because no hooks, scratches, stains and other minor defects will not be visible. Yes, what really is there - only two days later, a compartment for a bottle was noticed :) Given that it is quite large (15 × 18 cm), even a large bottle (with a diameter of up to 8 cm) or an umbrella will fit.

    The straps on the outside are made of rubberized fabric, at the bottom (and from the back) - just fabric.

    On the left shoulder strap there is an RFID-SAFE pocket in which you can put a card (bank / access card / Troika, etc.) and not be afraid of unauthorized reading or accidental demagnetization.

    Protection is carried out by a small Faraday cage ( Wiki), shielding the filling from external EM-fields. Not that this is at least some common type of attack on the cards, but you will agree, the extra protection never hurts.

    By the way, this pocket finally had lightning, which instinctively wanted on the straps of the original Bobby.  

    Improved and one of the most useful pockets (on the back of a backpack; it is in him you will put all sorts of stuff and documents) - he had a lightning bolt changed, from which there has not yet been a single "biting" of the luggage line, which is convenient cling backpack to suitcase handles).

    Also inside this pocket appeared lace with a carabiner, on which you can attach the key and / or flash drive. You can call this feature "far-fetched", but exactly until the flash drive for the first time does not fall out somewhere in the elevator shaft, while trying to get the key to the apartment.

    So, and this is what a BDSM thing?

    Collar? Muzzle? Eye patch? Anti-vandal chastity belt? )

    Alas - it is simply a grid which due hooks clinging lugs protruding from the backpack, after which it can be thrust by something large (compartment size - 30 × 30 cm). For example, a bag with a shift, sweatshirt, bicycle helmet or ball.

    Fixed in this way, the thing will be, in fact, defenseless as the heel sticking out from under the blankethanging around outside, but if you don’t have a ball there with FM2018 autographed by all the players, then you probably don’t have to worry. But in all other cases it will be convenient. As an option, the backpack can be worn all the time with a net (it drags on), although this will slightly change its appearance.


    Despite the fact that not everything has been told about the external part, we will continue in this section.

    At the top of the bag there is a waterproof zipper, the slider of which runs strictly horizontally - due to a metal rod inserted parallel to the zipper.

    This makes it possible to open the backpack with one hand, and also adds a few points to durability: "bent" lightning sooner or later begin to give tricks (even if it is high-quality YKK-accessories).

    Along the edges of the zipper - two parts of the mechanical combination lock, which in the closed state eliminates the possibility of opening the zipper, it is simply not visible.

    I would like to make a separate emphasis on the fact that we are not talking about two "dogs" of lightning connected by a lock (as it happens on suitcases) - this kind of "protection" is easily by inserting a handle into the zipper. It is here that the zipper itself closes, especially if the upper part of the backpack is tucked at least once; it's like a lock on the steering wheel.

    When closed, the backpack can be attached to a bench or pole and leave for a short while (within reason). Of course, such protection will not be difficult to circumvent even a non-professional, but still, even such “protection against a fool” is better than nothing.  

    Well, inside ... this time is pretty boring. But spacious. A large deep bag, inside of which is:

    - a large compartment for a laptop (27 × 36 × 3 cm) - the manufacturer claims support for laptops with a diagonal of up to 15.6 ", but in general, even a large ASUS RoG will fit in a backpack;
    - another one almost like that the same compartment (7 × 32 × 1.5 cm) for a tablet or documents;
    - two relatively deep mesh compartments (13 × 20 × 1.5 cm each).

    Everything. No “rubber bands” for pens (they are made outside, under the gateway), nor a compartment for a paverbank, or even a pocket with a zipper for all small things. It was the lack of USB-connector that could be seen in the list of features at the beginning of the article.

    Access to the backpack is carried out only through the “top” (lock and zipper) - you cannot open the backpack 180 ° (as is the case with Bobby). And therefore it is difficult to photograph the inside - the photo-weapon does not focus :) The material used inside: 210D polyester (also Oxford - used for all kinds of travel accessories).

    In cold waterIn the most compact state, the dimensions of Bobby Urban are 47 × 42 × 15 cm (in this case, the internal volume is 22 liters), at the maximum (when the zipper is fastened) - 64 × 42 × 15 cm (27 liters). For comparison, the volume of the original Bobby was 13 liters, at the Bobby Compact - 11, at the Bobby XL - 15. Switching to Urban, at first it’s not even clear what to do with such wealth. It's like switching from a mini-cooper to a minivan ... or even how to move from tight odnushki to spacious treshka. And this is despite the fact that the backpack behind you will still look compact, and not as an expeditionary trunk.

    At the same time, the original Bobby still doesn’t turn his tongue to say something bad :)

    Crush test

    We take a sword from valeri steel Two popular video bloggers have already managed to test the fabric of new backpacks for resistance to cuts: one got it *, the second with less success. As they say, it's better to see once:

    Crash test performed by a professional - do not try to repeat it at home :)))

    For the sake of justice, I want to note that with a strong desire and time, even the entrance iron door can be opened with a can opener. If an intruder turns out to be tete-a-tete with your backpack, then it’s naive to count on the non-revealingness, it’s not safe (and even if it’s safe). Therefore, one should not expect a miracle from a backpack (even if it is from super fabric), however, the manufacturer does not promise this.  

    The crash test above showed that opening the Urban would require more effort than a regular backpack. More precisely this way: it is easy to cut the fabric of the backpack hanging on the back and pull out the wallet / laptop from there, but it is more difficult to make an effort to cut the Urban fabric and go unnoticed. More often, thefts occur simply from the open / unclosed compartment, but as we already understood, with the hero of the review this is excluded.

    The word Bobby has quite a few interpretations , but in this case it is the name of the police, which has been used in London since 1829. Then Interior Minister Robert Peel (actually, Bobby is a diminutive form of Robert) founded the Metropolitan Police Service, while before his reform private police (“thieves hunters”) were distributed, one of whose tasks was to make business profits. In this, Peel saw the reason for the corruption of the former institute for the protection of public order. Peel's reforms created a prototype of the modern police, whose activities were based on crime prevention and regular patrols.

    In general, of course, if someone comes to you with a knife and bad thoughts, then a cut backpack is the lesser of evils. Yes, even just a finger, correctly attached to the eye, will help to get not only the podzamochnuyu stuffing a backpack, but other wealth along with browser cookies)

    Comparing Urban with other XD Design backpacks

    Probably you do not really want to read just a review of the backpack, as read about comparing it with other models of the company. And this we can, because we ourselves use them every day.

    We did a review of Bobby Bizz , but its comparison here is unlikely to be appropriate. Partly about the design differences with the original Bobby (and there is hardly any sense in separating the Bobby, Compact and XL modifications), therefore, there will be more operational differences in the comparative tablet. Something like this:
    Original Bobby / Bobby XLUrban / Urban Lite
    More accurate and compact. Like a shell in ninja turtles.
    The construction with a lock and an optional net gives the backpack a kind of carelessness, but someone will like it on the contrary.
    Practicality of materials
    The main external surface (with a reflector) is quite vulnerable to mechanical stress - it is easy to scratch it, for example, when getting out of a car in a garage. But the side fabric is very durable and not brand.
    Durable, practical and completely unmarked fabric - it is difficult to cut, scratch or stain. And if soiled, then rubbed with a damp cloth.
    Cut Protection
    Anti-vandal properties are claimed, but any damage will make the backpack unpresentable.
    Protection against cuts for the Urban version, small cuts will not be visible on the fabric of the backpack.

    There is no cut protection in Urban Lite.
    The form
    One of the frequent claims to Bobby is that he “does not hold the form”, being pressed through at the top and is a bit thicker on the sides. But it was only in the first revision, in the new versions there is practically no such flaw.
    Inside there is no stiffness frame, and therefore there is no form as such - it is a bag that “goes” to be dented. No wrinkles or deformities.
    Straps and pockets on them
    Each strap has a compartment that is almost invisible. But they are not zipped, so there is always a chance to drop the attached card.

    The straps on the first revision of the backpack constantly had to be tightened, in the future accessories were replaced with a better one.
    There is only one compartment (on the left shoulder strap), but with a zipper and RFID-SAFE.

    The quality of the accessories is initially good.
    A pen
    Massive fabric handle, more convenient to carry (although more often you will wear a backpack on the back).
    The handle is thinner and “cramped”, with rubberized material (in this case it is like heat shrinkage).
    Inner space
    It is rather not enough, even in the XL version. If desired, you can fit a lot of things, but only by comparison it becomes clear how it should be :)

    But the space is organized more thoughtfully and conveniently: compartments, pockets. The buzz is in the hinged compartment at the top, which has both a pocket and a zippered compartment. That's where it is more convenient to wear all sorts of stuff: AirPods, flash drives, eye drops, and so on.
    As they say, “free planning”: there are several compartments for a laptop and a tablet, but there is no place to put headphones and other little things (if only in the compartments with a grid).

    But in the rest of the place well, just indecent a lot.
    USB charging
    A USB port is connected to the strap, which can be powered by any power bank (for which there is a convenient zippered compartment inside).
    Alas, there is nothing to brag about - neither a USB port nor a convenient pocket for a power bank.
    Available in different colors.
    For a fee, you can put your logo, while the Compact-model also has a print version.
    Available in a single color (Urban Lite - in two colors).
    Price (without discount), ₽
    7990 *
    Urban - 9990 * / Urban Lite - 7990 *

    * Price without a nice discount. You’ve almost read it before :)

    Urban anti-vandal properties are priced at 2,000 rubles - is it worth overpaying? If you plan on wearing a two-year Newblance in your backpack, it is unlikely - then you can take Urban Lite and enjoy a comfortable and roomy backpack. Well, or good old Bobby - he is still good.

    If you plan to go with a macbook, important documents and other power banks, then definitely anti-vandal properties will not be superfluous.

    On the website of the manufacturer Urban costs € 129.95, which at the current rate is 9900₽. It makes no sense to wait - we have a backpack sold at the same price. BUT. No wonder you read this far :)

    A discount

    HABRBOB - this promotional code will give a 20% discount on Bobby Urban and on the entire line of XD-DESIGN backpacks in our store (if ordered before August 31, 2018).


    I would like to summarize by weighing the pros and cons. But the pros and cons here are about the same as they were before. Price? Yes, relatively high, but all previous Bobby models cost the same. Design? Yes, there are questions for him, but this is all subjective: someone likes it, someone does not. Spaciousness? Definitely a plus. The rest is still the same wonderful anti-vandal backpack, which is pleasant to use every day (especially people who lead an active lifestyle will appreciate it).

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