How to increase the capacity of stores and get rid of queues

    Customers who are accustomed to good service do not want to stand in long lines and choose stores with fast service. Many retailers are losing customers and, consequently, revenue, due to the fact that people go to competitors, not wanting to wait until the cashier can serve them. At best, buyers pay for purchases and never return. At worst - they throw filled carts on the sales floor and go to other stores. In the latter situation, the staff has to perform additional work on folding the goods on the shelves.

    To solve the problems of queues will help modern technologies that can increase the capacity of the store and improve customer service.

    How to reduce queue with software for cash registers

    There are several ways to increase store capacity:

    • Optimization of staff performance. If the cash program provides data on the workload of cash desks, the administration of the outlet will be able to create flexible schedules for the work of cashiers. Thus, in the hours when there are few people in the store, to close a part of the cash nodes, opening them again at the moments of the influx of customers.

    • Automation of cash registers. The speed of the cashier depends on how many operations he must perform. The “smart” program will do everything itself - the store employee will only need to scan goods, coupons and discount cards, and then close the sale and make payments to the buyer. The system will independently calculate discounts and apply all necessary conditions.

    • Training cashiers. Staff turnover leads to the fact that retailers have to regularly train staff to work with the cash program. It is advisable to choose software with a clear interface - in this case, the probability of errors for cashiers who have not previously worked with the program is reduced, and training is reduced only to the demonstration of typical operations.

    • Deferred checks. Sometimes buyers already at the checkout decide to replace a product or remember that they have forgotten the wallet in the car, and sent him to the parking lot. In order for such incidents not to paralyze the work of the box office, deferred checks are provided. While the customer is away, the cashier serves other customers.

    • Weighing. If the buyer forgot to use the scales of self-service or confused similar goods, the cashier can weigh the purchases on their own. In such a situation, the cash register software must provide a module for the prompt selection of a weight product and the addition of information about it to the check. Thus, the "Pilot" has provided a "weight display case" with the ability to search by name or product category. The cashier easily finds and puts the desired position in the check.

    • Cancellations. The refusal of the buyer from some kind of purchase or the accidental mistake of the cashier often leads to the need to cancel the actions committed. Such manipulations require administrator intervention and take time, resulting in queues. Cashier software allows you to optimize cancellations, for example, to partially entrust such actions to cashiers or controllers, administrators who are constantly nearby.

    • Payment. Modern buyers often pay with bank cards. If you configure the cash register software so that non-cash payment is provided by default, this will save time on customer service.

    • Rounding purchase amount. Rounding the final amount in favor of the buyer, you can immediately kill two birds with one stone - to increase his loyalty and save time on service, because the cashier will not have to wait until the customer finds a trifle in the wallet and counts the right amount.

    • Tobacco products at a separate checkout. According to our research, most of the time it takes to serve customers in the event that the cashier sells tobacco products. Many hypermarkets have already solved this problem, having allocated separate cash desks for such operations.

    • Items return. In order to avoid taking up cash in case of return of goods, it makes sense to provide a special customer service center in the store where these actions will be carried out.

    Mobile ticket offices and islands of payment

    In the fashion segment, mobile cash registers based on functional tablets or TSD are successfully used to eliminate queues. With the help of such devices, consultants can find the necessary information for buyers, for example, notify about the presence of commodity balances, scan products and accept payment.

    The use of mobile cash desks allows you to get rid of the queues, quickly and professionally serve customers directly on the trading floor. Also, mobile devices can be used along with traditional stationary cash registers at the moments of the most busy point of sale.

    Payment island is another solution that will allow to fulfill the dream of every buyer and retailer about a store without queuing. It houses a CCP, a docking station, a cash drawer. The client can pay directly on the trading floor in cash or by credit card.

    “Pilot” presents two ready-made solutions: on the basis of a tablet and a TSD. Both can be used to receive payment on the trading floor.

    Mobile cashier based on TSD communicates with the cash server Profi-T and uses its capabilities in full. Acceptance of non-cash payments and issuance of paper checks. Electronic checks at the request of the buyer are sent to the specified email. The device can also be used for exit trade.

    Cashier SKY-POS Mobileon the basis of the tablet is suitable for consultants working on the trading floor. The device reads information from discount cards and NFC-chips, and is also suitable for receiving non-cash payments. The tablet is designed to advise buyers on the trading floor and receive payment there, without going to the cashier area. We wrote in detail about the mobile box office on the basis of the tablet here .

    The combination of mobile cash register and software "Profi-T" helps get rid of the queues and speed up customer service. This is a great tool to improve the level of service.

    Queue killer

    The “Queue Killer” solution allows you to unload the cash office in peak hours, increase the speed of service, and increase customer loyalty. It functions like this:
    • The employee scans the contents of carts and baskets queuing at the cash desk of buyers using the TSD.

    • Purchases are hermetically sealed in a package on which the employee sticks a "soft check" - a label with a bar code in which data about the goods is encrypted.

    • At the checkout this code is read, on the basis of it is printed a check containing the full list of purchases.

    As a result, the service time is significantly reduced, the throughput of the cash zone increases. Along with her growing customer loyalty, store revenue.

    Low-skilled personnel can be used to scan products; special training is not necessary. Since the device does not connect to the cash register software, the risk of system overload and the occurrence of malfunctions is excluded.

    The equipment on the basis of which the solution is being implemented can be used not only to speed up the operation of the cash settlement node, but also for accepting goods, taking inventories, and printing price tags.

    Self-service cash desks

    Increase the capacity of the store help self-service system . Compact and convenient devices are designed for self-scanning and / or paying for purchases. The use of Self-Checkout technology increases the number of cash lines, reduces the burden on personnel, reduces the human factor and increases customer loyalty.

    A modern solution attracts people who cannot stand invading their personal space; Anyone who prefers to independently control the process of making purchases from beginning to end. The technology allows you to get rid of the queues and churn of customers from the store.

    Modern approach

    The introduction of new technologies, high-quality equipment and the latest software will help get rid of the queues in the store and increase profits. If in doubt, what technology to implement or how to choose the right equipment, it is better to contact the experts.

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