Overview of the updated Sinterit Lisa 3D printer and the new Sinterit Lisa 2 Pro

    Hello! Talk about the latest in the Sinterit 3D printer line.
    Synterite updated its famous Sinterit Lisa printer and launched the next model, Sinterit Lisa 2 Pro .
    These are SLS-printer models that print with polymer powder, sintering its layers with a laser beam. The products are smooth, with a high-quality smooth surface and very durable, but that's not all. Read more about these and other features of SLS printing and Sinterit printers.

    About the printer

    Sinterit lisa

    Characteristics of the updated Sinterit Lisa

    - The total size of the camera, mm: 150x200x150;
    - Max. part size, for PA 12: 90x (110) 120x130;
    - Max. part size, for Flexa Black: 110x (130) 160x150;
    (in parentheses - the size in the previous version, before the update);
    - Layer thickness, mm: 0,075-0,175;
    - External dimensions of the printer, mm: 620x400x460;
    - Weight, kg: 41;
    - Power, V: 100-130 / 220-240;
    - Diode laser, IR. Power, W: 5;
    - Files for printing: STL, OBJ, 3DS, FBX, DAE, 3MF;
    - Connection: Wi-Fi;
    - Management: 4 ”(10 cm) touch screen;
    - Chamber temperature, up to, ° C: 190
    - Additional functions: built-in camera for monitoring the printing process.

    What's New at Sinterit Lisa

    1. The print area along the Y axis is enlarged.
    2. Improved control of temperature, heating of the platform and the print chamber.

    In the picture below: on the left - steel provides better thermal insulation, simplifies maintenance and, thanks to better protection, extends the life of seals; on the right - the recesses (there were small holes on the previous version) give the pyrometers the possibility of more accurate temperature determination.

    3. Increased reliability.

    Left: Laser-protective glass in a sealed frame, easy to assemble and replace. Right: The new locking system reduces heat loss.

    4. Simplified service.

    Easy access to heating elements. The laser protection glass is replaced without additional tools.

    Left: The newly designed front panel facilitates cleaning under the construction area and printer assembly during transport. 3D-printed latches make assembly quick and intuitive. Right: The clearance for sweeping over-spilled polymer makes printer maintenance easier.

    5. External improvements.

    - New lock and hinges for safer use
    - On / off button on the side - more convenient.
    - More affordable location of the power connector.
    - The screwed-on legs with elastic bands - from casual movements.

    In addition to the above, the overflow tray capacity is also increased by 10%.

    general description

    Sinterit Lisa is a 3D printer of the Polish company Sinterit, which prints volumetric parts using SLS technology. This means that objects are formed in it in layers, by sintering the polymer powder with a laser beam.

    Since the powder surrounding the emerging model serves as support, no special supports and jumpers between the elements of the printing part are necessary.

    Due to this, the shape of the parts can be anything, including the parts one in the other and movable joints, and their number in the working chamber of the printer is limited only by the dimensions of this chamber.

    Sinterit Lisa 2 Pro

    Features Sinterit Lisa 2 Pro

    The printer is being finalized by the manufacturer; at the time of release, the specifications are subject to change.

    Minimum wall thickness, mm: 0.4
    Minimum hole size, mm: 0.5
    Detail, mm: 0.1

    Accuracy XY, mm: 0.05

    Layer Thickness, mm: 0,075 - 0,175

    Construction area, mm: 150 x 200 x 260
    Diagonal part size, mm, up to: 316

    Axial print dimensions:
    - When printing Flexa, mm, up to: 110 x 160 x 250
    - When printing PA, mm, up to: 90 x 120 x 230

    Strength of parts, up to, MPa: 41

    The gap between the moving parts of the print, mm, from: 0.2

    Materials: PA 12 Smooth, PA 11, Flexa Black, Flexa Gray + the manufacturer is preparing new
    software materials : Sinterit Studio 2018
    Connection: Wi-Fi, USB
    Built-in camera
    Color touch display: 7 ”(17.78 cm)
    Files: STL, OBJ , 3DS, FBX, DAE, 3MF External
    size, mm: 690 x 500 x 880
    Weight, kg: 90
    Power consumption, W: 900-1800
    Laser: IR, diode, 5 W, 808 nm
    Built-in nitrogen chamber
    Consumption of nitrogen, cubic meters in hour: 0.15
    Chamber temperature, up to, ° C: 200
    Power supply: 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 7 A and 100-130 V, 50/60 Hz, 15 A

    Material saving

    As a result of sifting, up to 70% of the powder remaining in the chamber after printing remains suitable. The printer can use sifted powder mixed with new, in a proportion of up to 50%, while maintaining print quality. If the proportion of recycled material is exceeded, the surface quality may decline.

    The powder sifter, sandblasting machine and 6 kg powder containers are supplied separately and can be ordered with the printer.


    PA materials are based on polyamide, a particular case of which is the well-known nylon. Flexa materials are based on thermoplastic polyurethane.

    PA 11: the most common polymer for SLS, has a small particle size, which gives surfaces a greater smoothness.

    PA 12: a polyamide of increased strength, withstanding loads up to 41 megapascals and an elongation to break of 13%.

    Flexa: material of increased softness and elasticity. Read the description below for an interesting example of its application.

    The particle size of the powder, nanometers:

    - PA11: 15-76, medium - 40
    - PA12 Smooth: 20-100, medium - 38
    - Flexa Black and Flexa Gray: 20-105


    An interesting example of the use of SLS 3D printing is the creation by Bambshell of a collection of swimwear “Afrocentric Beauty” for the participants of the “Miss South Africa” contest.

    The owner of the company, Melinda Bam, who won this contest in 2011, and then entered the top ten Miss Universe finalists, thus decided to please her followers and at the same time advertise her brand of swimwear.

    Each 3D print located on the swimsuits of the collection reflects the influence of both traditional, ethnic and tribal, as well as modern motifs.

    Volumetric elements are gracefully inscribed in the contours of swimsuits.

    Colors printed with a Sinterit Lisa printer using SLS technology from Flexa Black, which is based on thermoplastic polyurethane, are soft and comfortable to wear, have a smooth surface and do not cause irritation.

    It is for these properties that this material was chosen.

    Our photos of prints of Sinterit Lisa

    Where and how much

    You can pre-order the new Sinterit Lisa and the professional Sinterit Lisa 2 Pro in the Top 3D Shop : as soon as the new “Lizas” are on sale, our employees will notify you of the receipt of printers, specify the current price for Russia and accept the order.

    The expected price for the updated Sinterit Lisa will be from 12555 euros, in rubles, at the rate on the day of payment, and from 17400 euros for Sinterit Lisa 2 Pro. See current ruble prices on the website .

    In Russia, the updated Sinterit Lisa will be, tentatively, in a couple of months, and we will inform about the release of Sinterit Lisa 2 Pro separately.

    Choosing a professional 3D printer? Contact the Top 3D Shop: choose the right printer for any project.

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