Home robots: what to buy. Overview of available commercial home robots

    In the late 1990s, I estimated the cost of independent travel to Morocco, I ended up with a certain amount in rubles and waved my hand for long trips. And he refused so much that ten years later he was surprised to find that a trip to Spain was cheaper than my salary. Even if most consumers are not as frivolous as I am, someone could get into a similar situation about home robots. When the first models of the Aibo robops were released, they (by barter) settled in some editions of domestic computer publications. Those released articles-test results, and in the end left the impression that home robots - too expensive. Even now, used Aibo models of those years are sold for $ 3-8 thousand! After a decade and a half, and with robots for the home it turned out almost the same as I did with the tours of the last century.

    By the way, as many have heard, the new Aibo model was introduced this year, but for now the demand is satisfied mainly in the USA and Japan. But if such a review, at least in part, is considered entertaining, I would recommend a couple of Aibo videos, as from the manufacturer:

    and (especially) from the user:

    And now let's get down to the most popular things that you can freely buy in your apartment.

    Robot — Vacuum Cleaner

    To date, the absolute leader in sales among all household robots is a robot vacuum cleaner. And among them, probably the most popular model with us - Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner. In any case, judging by the number of reviews about it in Russian. From what conventional vacuum cleaners do not know how, robots can clean the floor under sofas and cabinets, analyze the degree of contamination and especially thoroughly clean such areas and move independently around the cleaned apartment (some even drive up to the docking station to recharge, although charging only usually enough for one two-hour cleaning). Their cost varies from 5 to 25 thousand rubles. That is, from the price comparable to a conventional vacuum cleaner, to the price of the Xiaomi model mentioned. And the popularity of such robots is also explained as the popularity of full-cycle washing machines,

    The 12 main manufacturers of robot vacuum cleaners are represented in our online stores: from the USA, France, China, and South Korea.

    Philips SmartPro

    If you have outdoor carpets everywhere, then the robot cleaner probably doesn’t suit you very much. The robots still cope with the “short-haired” carpets, but for the carpets with a long nap, highly specialized models are required (which cost about 10 thousand rubles more than usual).

    A model in the iClebo Arte series, coping with a pile of up to 2 cm. A very sophisticated model that runs on Linux. For those who want to look under the hood, it is recommended to deal with the device of this particular vacuum cleaner.

    As needs grow, people acquire ever more spacious housing, which they are no longer able to clean and maintain. This is where the demand for housekeepers comes from. However, a review of Android robots that are trained to wash, vacuum, knock out dust and wash dishes while appropriate to place in luxury magazines is somewhere between yacht reviews, but with another very useful type of cleaning robots, it is appropriate to familiarize yourself with almost everything.

    iRobot Roomba 616

    Samsung SR20M7070WD

    LG VRF6043LR

    Window cleaning robots

    There is a short mountaineering anecdote: “ Sing, svetik, do not be ashamed! The crow croaked, and the cheese hung on a lanyard . " The vacuum system keeps the window robot so securely that it simply has no chance of falling off the window while everything is working properly. For the case of emergency situations, it is fixed inside the room on a lanyard. (However, if you suddenly turn off the electricity, due to the built-in battery, it will hold on the window for another 20 minutes and at the same time squeak, calling for help). Twice passes through one place, which is generally enough for regularly cleaned windows. But the glasses that have not been washed for about five years are not able to clean at once. If possible, you must first go with a rag or scraper to prepare the surface for it.

    The most common window cleaner Hobot is made in Taiwan.

    For example, my windows and the balcony and the kitchen do not allow me to reach all areas with my hand. I would not refuse such a robot, but the price is 18-35 thousand rubles. until it seems attractive to me. It is not excluded that it is also for business: in 2011, I spoke with the manager of the Federation Tower, and he told me that industrial climbers wash her, although they are going to set up a washer-robot. I hope that now they have already succeeded.

    For additional details, girls can watch a 12-minute video of one vlogers, which works precisely for their target audience:

    Robots — Personal Assistants

    This is the most vague and therefore the largest group of home robots.
    Robot designed for feeding children or people with disabilities:

    A robot that reads fairy tales to children instead of parents:

    Apparently, soon within this group of products a distinct species separation will appear, which will be accepted in almost all online stores. In the meantime, this is a group of various devices, the main control of which is exercised from a smartphone or tablet, and performing functions from entertainment to, in fact, assistance.

    “The best advice I've ever been given is the worst one: you have to be a charming person.” Quote by actor Clive Owen

    "No one will buy a terrible robot." Quote head Grishin Robotics Dmitry Grishin

    In general, many robots are really charming. But there are a large number of devices that are not about charm. These are cat-toilets robots or domestic animals feeder robots.

    Since Habré had seen publications about the first such devices, some of them have already been released into the series and, for example, you can already buy the Petnet SmartFeeder for 12,400 rubles by preorder.

    Robots — toys

    In the days of the World Cup in the Gadget Studio restaurant, five robots danced before the start of the broadcasts, whose distributors have a Russian-language website, a dealer network, support, discounts, videos and informal photos. Therefore, I will start with them:

    Robots for 49 thousand rubles, which can dance and fight .

    Mebo Robot, a toy two times cheaper than the previous one, no longer looks like an android, moves, gives objects, takes pictures and videos of what is happening around.

    But a photogenic robot — a turtle, which one would like to donate for a birthday:

    However, it has been verified that such devices become boring to the child very quickly, as are the electric and wind-up toys known for our childhood.

    The robot-android can play football itself, and not just dance before the broadcast, as it can kick: nanojam.ru/products/nao-h25-evolution-v5 .

    But its price of one million rubles is close to the salaries of professional football players.

    Robot SPL BR1

    Robot Roobo Pudding with artificial intelligence.

    Dog robots

    Dalmatian robot - Zoomer dog in one of its four colorings, the most adequate to reality. In the live dog market, spotted Dalmatian puppies are no longer fashionable breeds. But robots can become such, because against the background of aggressive contextual advertising, the price of a product less than a five-thousandth bill may be decisive. Of course, these robots are just refined dolls. But just a couple of years ago, some pink ponies were worth the same, who could only blink a light bulb and say one prepared phrase. And the Dalmatian and voice control (20 teams), and the beginnings of computer vision.

    A more advanced CHiP model is made on all-terrain wheels. Acquaintance with the owner of her standard begins with getting a nickname (by default, the dog responds to the nickname "Chip"). Well, you are invited to start with an acquaintance with one of the commercials:

    If a more primitive Dalmatian needs to be connected to charging via a USB cable, then CHiP drives up to the docking station itself, automatically connecting to the power supply. The operating time of a fully charged battery is one hour.

    But the main thing in it is the sensors in the head, thanks to which the dog detects objects and people, and also reacts to gentle strokes. Included is a smart-ball, for which the dog will chase.

    The price here is expected to be higher. Domestic search engines have an average of twenty thousand offers (in rubles), but this robot is also sold on Amazon and AliExpress. But with such a toy the child, most likely, will stop asking for a real dog.

    And from inexpensive models (5 thousand rubles), people praise the Silverlit PupBo robot dog. It can be trained using a smart bone. He does not just ride on wheels, but walks and runs, but thanks to the sensors on his head, he displays various emotions.

    Thus, not Aibo is not one! But cheap models of robops are also good because the child can be let go with such a toy on the street. The same PupBo can run around the yard, and not just in the apartment.

    Although who can run from one yard to another , these are SpotMini robots :

    Their manufacturer has pleased some with the news that the sale of production models will start from 2019. But while such SpotMini will be focused on corporate use at the same prices.

    Designer robots

    Such a special kind of toys like Arduino-robots is usually sold in the form of sets at prices ranging from 5 to 10 thousand rubles.

    Perhaps on Habré you can not explain what Arduino is. But I still do it a little bit.
    Arduino - I / O board and development environment. Sketches of programs are written in a language close to the C language. And then they are interpreted by a special loader in the software that the processor understands. I happened to install Arduino on my work computers for the first time in order to manage the SIMbox, through which I registered bots for VKontakte.

    Schoolchildren can assemble Arduino-robots with a motor, which, for example, will independently drive around obstacles using sensors.

    Also popular now: