Mobile Device Manager has an on premise version!

    Starting August 29, users will have access to the on-premise (local) version of 3CX Mobile Device Manager for Windows Server - software for remote management of mobile devices, which allows companies to gain control over employees' smartphones, including settings, their location, installed programs and much more.

    A distinctive feature of the novelty is that most of the other products in the field of mobile device management are “tailored” for hosting solutions and are therefore difficult to install, require knowledge of Linux, or too expensive. With Mobile Device Manager software, system administrators can install smartphone management software on Windows Server, without any additional complexity. Also, the network administrator can choose what is best suited for a particular company: a cloud solution with limited access or local.

    To get acquainted with the On Premise edition of 3CX Mobile Device Manager, with free registration of up to 5 devices, click here .

    Also, users are provided with step-by-step instructions for getting started, as well as a guide to installation and configurationand user manual .

    Also pay attention to the cloud version of 3CX Mobile Device Manager, with the ability to try an account on 5 devices for free ! Prices for 3CX MDM can be found here . For more information, visit the official 3CX Mobile Device Manager website at

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