8 deep ideas from the book “The Mentor Tribe” by Tim Ferris

    The book was not published in Russian.

    Each of us is in unique conditions, so most of the tips for achieving success are useless, even if they come from a reputable source.

    That is why I carefully refer to direct recommendations from books and always pay attention to the author’s history.

    The book “Tribe of Mentors” is different.

    There is no single point of view that the author advocates. There is no step-by-step plan that promises to achieve the goal. Yes, and about the goals in it almost a word.

    Instead, the book contains the experience of dozens of successful people from different spheres and generations. Because of this, you have the opportunity to find and select the fundamental principles of people whose activities are similar to yours. That is why I consider the book by Tim Ferris one of the most objective and useful.

    Pleasant fact. Among the heroes of the book there are two of our compatriot: programmer Vitalik Buterin and tennis player Maria Sharapova.
    In addition to them: Jason Frayd (Basecamp), Gary Weinerchuk, Tom Peters, Bear Grylls, Tim O'Reilly, Ashton Kutcher, Ray Dalio, Larry King, Scott Belsky (Behance), Drew Houston (Dropbox), Yuval Noi Harari (“Sapiens ”) And many others ...

    Now, take a deep breath and carefully consider the following thoughts.

    Life does not ask what we want. It presents us with options

    Life does not ask what we want. It provides opportunities

    “The world is changing people are not smarter than you” - this phrase of Steve Jobs influenced many.

    No need to think that the implementation of large goals requires innate uncommonness. Just the opposite. The realization that you are able to achieve anything motivates you to act and makes you extraordinary.

    The world is ready to give everything that we wish. You just need to ask him about it correctly. How to do it?

    Direct all your efforts to one point and be patient. And the more your goal, the more patience is required. Be ready for this.

    Hard choices, easy life. Easy choices hard life

    Hard decisions, simple life. Simple decisions, hard life.

    To be happy is simple - it is difficult to decide on it.

    This thought came to my mind several years ago and still remains relevant.

    Some decisions are difficult to make, not because they are difficult to implement, but because they go against what we were taught and the way most people think.

    The more people think the same way, the more difficult it is to develop their point of view, which is very important. The majority is always wrong, so you need the courage to do what you want.

    The main mistake is to regret that you have followed someone else’s opinion all your life. The greatest happiness is to live by its own rules in harmony with the world.

    If you are looking for a design

    Focus on current things, create great days to create a great life and try not to make one mistake twice

    . Gary Vaynerchuk thinks:

    “Most people think too much about the future and miss the present, wasting their days worrying about the years.”

    It is impossible to predict what will happen in a month, not to mention the year. We can make plans and follow them strictly, but we cannot predict all the accidents that life prepares for us.

    That is why it is wiser to focus on the next days and try to make them useful, and not worry about what will happen in five years.

    “Life is what happens to you while you diligently make other plans” - John Lennon.

    Make sure you have something.

    Make sure that every day you do something that moves you forward.

    It is psychologically difficult to reach the realization of big goals. Not once faced with a similar problem, I rebuilt my system not to perform tasks, but to ensure daily progress.

    I may not have a single task per day, but I know that every working day I need to devote time to work on a project, blog, Instagram or Telegram channel, physical fitness and mental state.

    The more I comprehend the results, the more I understand that big goals are achieved not by sharp jerks, but by regular progressive work.

    Provides real work and satisfaction from the web site. They come for a long, long time

    Real work and enjoyment does not come from what the Internet shows us. It comes from a deep and long dive into any activity

    100% true.

    When you rid your brain of the influence of the Internet for a long time and use it for self-reflection, you understand that the world is different.

    Goals that previously seemed unattainable break into simple actions. Things that used to seem important cease to mean anything to you.

    It’s time to recognize that the phone and the computer are a portal to another world and in order to stay in your mind, you need to switch between realities less often.

    I'm not talking about getting rid of social networks. I try to say that it is very important to use them moderately.

    This is what the author of the excellent book Sapiens: A Brief History of Humanity, Yuval Noi Harari, says about this:

    “You have to subordinate technology to yourself, instead of obeying them. If you are not careful, technologies will begin to dictate their goals and enslave you with their agenda. ”

    Think of your career choices

    Ignore what other people think about your career decisions

    . During the four years that I lived in the dormitory, many of my actions caused a misunderstanding of my peers. At first it bothered me, but later I realized that if I want to make my life different from most, I need to act differently. And it is logical that the majority will not accept it.

    The biggest failure I can imagine is to regret the acts committed under the influence of someone else's opinion. I am ready to make a mistake, but let these mistakes be mine.

    What would it be like?

    What would it look like if it were easy?

    When designing a new interface, I ask myself this question in order to find the optimal solution, and not just copy someone else's. Working on personal projects, he is a great help in finding new ideas.

    Think about a goal or a life dilemma and ask yourself the question: “How would the solution to this question look like if it were simple?”.

    Stop for a minute and think. This question is very strong.

    Life shrinks or expand in proportion to one's courage

    Life decreases and increases in proportion to our courage.

    I know that many people do not like motivational messages and I understand them perfectly. Success is determined only by practice and specifics, but not each of us has a certain confidence in the possibility of achieving anything.

    That is why, in difficult moments, each of us needs a reminder that any achievement requires not supernormal abilities, but simple human courage.

    This phrase is on the desktop with the author and reminds us that great things are not created from birth by great people, but by the same as each of us.

    The only difference is in one. Someone believed and did, while others did not.

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