[Yekaterinburg, Announcement] UralJS # 9 - three reports on microservices, testing and logging errors on the front


    We are closing the summer season! UralJS # 9 will be held on Saturday, August 25 in the office of the Contour on the wide river. Let's discuss why the frontendors have microservice architecture, teach the tests to really press the buttons and figure out how to catch the error on the user's computer before he calls technical support.

    Here is a detailed description of the reports:

    Vova Sannikov, Tochka - Microservice Frontend

    In the backend, microservices are common. There are dozens of well-developed methodologies for building, assembling, scaling, and architecture. We rarely use the service approach on the client and almost no materials on design are found.

    I will tell you why the microservice architecture is useful in the frontend, why we wanted to drag it in, in what form we implemented it and what we gained from it.

    Dima Lazarev, Contour - Click the button. The hard way

    When we write tests, we want everything at once: so that the code is simple and concise, support is easy, execution is fast, and coverage is 100%. Unfortunately, often have to look for compromises.

    I will tell you how difficult it is to achieve honest user scenarios, even such simple ones as clicking a button. I will review several testing tools and share the solution that we use in the project.

    Anton Konev, Yandex - Logging errors on the frontend

    You → Service ← Users. It works for you, but they don’t. I'll tell you how to understand the user without bicycles before that something went wrong and rectify the situation.

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    Records will appear on the YouTube channel after the mitap.

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