Welcome to Devleads Meetup February 21

    On February 21, the Moscow office of Mail.ru Group will host Devleads Meetup, an event for team leaders, development managers, and anyone interested in managing IT teams.

    Let's talk about how to survive a sharp increase in the merger of two large companies and in the shortest possible time to cope with new processes, stack and team. Let's sort through how to develop our employees and ourselves, what tools to use for this. Let's look at the world through the eyes of a tester and talk about how to effectively build processes and establish communication between testing and development.

    Register yourself, invite colleagues and anyone who may be useful this meeting.

    "How we survived the sharp growth of Ozone", Alexander Sviridov, Head of Mobile Development at Ozone
    Merging the two companies is always hard. Sharp increase in the number of employees, not aligned HR processes, a new technology stack, and the transition to Go. Add here the misunderstandings between the “old” and “new” employees, and we get a real headache and sleepless nights of the development manager. In my report I will tell you about our experience of rapid growth, what difficulties we encountered and what came of it.
    “Do you need to grow?” Vitaly Sharovatov, former head of Frontend-development at Badoo
    Growth is always a way out of the comfort zone, but if you approach the issue competently and methodically, this process can be extremely effective and painless. I will tell you how to measure and verify the growth process of employees and myself, what tools for this exist and how to use them. We will understand what is the role of the company and the team leader in this process, and how to benefit from it. We will also touch upon the topic of employee retention and their motivation.
    “Difficulties of translation, or How to find a common language with the QA department”, Roman Lukmanov, head of QA in Mail.ru Group
    I will tell why the interaction of developers and testers is not always effective, and sometimes even painful. Why do they allow such strange bugs? What is needed to change the situation and squeeze the maximum out of the testing department? How to make friends of these two "planets" to build a high-quality and effective product development process?

    Roman prepared a survey on what problems you face when working with the testing department. Pass the survey, and the results will share in the report.

    • Ilya Kuznetsov is the organizer of Devleads, a leading iOS developer at Alfa Bank.
    • Nikita Maydanov is the organizer of Devleads and CocoaHeads Russia, head of mobile development at Welps.

    Meeting schedule:

    18:00 - Collection of participants and registration.
    19:00 - Opening remarks by the organizers: Ilya Kuznetsov and Nikita Maidanova.
    19:05 - “How we survived the sharp growth of Ozone”, Alexander Sviridov.
    19:40 - Coffee break.
    20:10 - “Do you need to grow?”, Vitaly Sharovatov.
    20:45 - Quiz.
    21:00 - “Difficulties of translation, or How to find a common language with the QA department”, Roman Lukmanov.
    21:30 - Completion and afterparty.

    During the break, you can have a snack and take part in a quiz. The winners of the quiz will receive gifts from Mail.ru Group, and for the first place - a ticket to Teamlead Conf Moscow 2019 .

    The event is free. Registration is required for participation .

    For those who can not come, video broadcast will be organized. The link will be published the day before.

    Join in the chat Devleads- Telegram for communication and holivarov.

    Address: Moscow, m. Airport, Leningradsky Prospect, 39, p.79. Do not forget your passport or driver's license.

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