Microsoft CEO resigns


Today, August 23, Microsoft announced that its long-time CEO Steve Ballmer decided to leave the company.

He will resign within 12 months. During this time, he will continue to occupy the position of CEO, and will also be engaged in the search for a successor, the technology giant said in a statement.

From Ballmer’s statement: “It would be impossible to think of a better time for transformation, but now it has come. We have approached a new strategy and a new organization and we have an amazing team of leaders. My decision took place at the junction of the transition of the company to the business of devices and services. We need a CEO who can work in the long term in this direction. ”

PS. Quite a long time ago, many people “pressed” Balmer to leave, because of poor performance of his company and unsuccessful development strategy. Apparently could not stand it, leaves. The right step.

PPS Somewhat strange, some responded to my remark about the resignation of Ballmer, which is also supported by world experts in the financial market and the company's board of directors. I see that I should add arguments to my statement so that the public does not seem empty:
Steve Ballmer was recognized as America’s worst CEO.
Former Microsoft vice president Joachim Kempin believes Steve Ballmer should step down as CEO.
The fact that Microsoft is going through hard times is no longer news.
StartedRumor has it that the list of company failures will soon be included in the Guinness Book of Records.
David Einhorn, president of the Greenlight Capital hedge fund, once said that Microsoft is developing too slowly, losing ground to other companies in the global IT market.
For several years in a row, the topic of changing the CEO of the company was discussed. Of course, it’s quite difficult to get Steve fired, since he is on friendly terms with Bill, who, de facto, with a controlling stake, is the board of directors of the public company Microsoft.
But with the number of employees of about 90,000 people, apparently they took up the matter seriously.
This is actually no news, everyone already knew that one day Steve would be looking for a replacement.

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