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    Hello! With you Top 3D Shop and in this review we will tell about the FDM-printer Wanhao Duplicator 9/300 , which was written recently.

    See our video review, and for lovers of reading, we have prepared its illustrated decoding.

    About the printer

    Wanhao D9 / 300


    • Printing technology: FFF (FDM)
    • Construction: aluminum
    • Weight: 20 kg
    • External dimensions: 600x500x350 mm
    • Print size, up to: 300x300x400 mm
    • Filament: 1.75 mm
    • Nozzle: 0.4 mm
    • Layer thickness: 100-400 microns
    • XY Accuracy: 0.012 mm
    • Speed, up to: 70 mm / s
    • Heating of the nozzle, up to: 300 ° C
    • Platform heating: 50 ° -100 ° C
    • Materials: ABS, PLA, PVA, PEVA, Nylon and others
    • Connection: SD, USB
    • File format: STL, OBJ, DAE, AMF
    • Price: 34 500 rubles

    About the model range

    In the new line of the company Wanhao 3D-printer Duplicator D9 has three modifications with a different area of ​​construction. This model, the smallest of the three, does not seem small at all compared to other printers.

    Wanhao Duplicator 9 has a number of advantages: large-size printing, induction sensor for automatic calibration, as well as a flexible removable magnetic pad on the desktop.

    Wanhao picks up one of the trends in the development of 3D printers - an increase in the area of ​​construction. Prior to this, the Chinese company had the only attempt to do something big - the model Wanhao D 5S, which is included in the segment of FDM printers worth over 100 thousand rubles.

    In our review, we consider D9 / 300, with a print area of ​​300x300x400 mm. This is the youngest model in the line, but even it allows you to make 3D-models of impressive size without gluing.

    Of particular importance is the ability to resume printing in the event of a power failure — the D9 supports this feature.

    Construction and work

    The frame of the printer is made of extruded aluminum - this is one of the key features of Wanhao D9, which provides structural rigidity.

    Kinematics - standard for company printers. The table moves along the Y axis, and the extruder - on rollers, not on bearings - along the X and Z axes.

    The head with direct filing of the filament and the all-metal hot end MK10 can heat the plastic up to 300 degrees, which expands the range of materials available for printing.

    You can print either from a microSD card, or directly from a computer, via a USB connection.

    The successful solutions include a heated platform with a flexible magnetic coating - in most cases, this greatly simplifies the removal of the finished model.

    The dragon model is printed by ABS plastic.

    The auto-calibration sensor makes life easier for the maker: with one press - and the head goes through several points on its own - it remembers readings and takes them into account when printing further.

    Autocalibration does not replace manual tuning, but perfectly complements it.

    From the universal handle "twist-and-click" refused in favor of the touch screen.

    There are no problems with interaction - the interface elements are large, you won't miss.

    Wanhao D9 are supplied unassembled. The assembly is simplified by tags and stickers with numbers placed on components - the instruction refers to them.

    When buying a Wanhao Duplicator 9/300, novice 3D printers need to take into account a couple of features - printers of this design are not adapted to work at high speeds.


    The absence of a closed chamber or casing affects the range of plastics recommended for printing, but is solved by creating an improvised box from other materials. It may even be a box from the refrigerator, the main thing is to protect the work area from drafts and a sharp temperature difference during printing.

    We carried out a test print with ABS and PLA plastics, the result suited us. Also, the printer prints PVA, PEVA, nylon and other materials up to 300 ° C.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    The advantages of the printer include:

    - large print area: 300x300x400 mm,
    - sufficient, for large objects, accuracy: 0.012 mm XY, with a layer thickness of 0.1-0.4 mm,
    - high maintainability and the prevalence of components: Wanhao is one of the largest manufacturers of such printers, order parts is not a problem.
    - magnetic pad.

    Cons: lack of housing and kinematics on the rollers.

    More pros and cons are discussed in our previous article on Duplicator 9.


    We believe that this equipment is perfect for makers, engineers, designers, advertising agencies - all those who need large-sized printing. This PLA tower, for example, is printed in just 20 hours. And it was printed entirely.

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