Business requests the right to personal user data

    Business representatives, IT companies, banks and telecom operators proposed amendments to the law "On Personal Data". If they are adopted, companies will get more control over user data. Vedomosti write about this , who read the text of the amendments.

    According to the publication, the company will be able to transfer data to processing contractors, without notifying users. Contractors, in turn, will be able to transmit data further, talking about it only to their customer. That is, as soon as a person agrees to give his data to the company for processing, the data will be able to go as far as desired along the chain to third parties.

    However, companies are required to publish a list to whom they give the data. It must be specified in the agreement with the user along with the methods of transmission. After consent, a person may request to whom and how his data were transmitted and receive an answer within a month.

    How the companies decide to use the data, the user also can not know in advance. The edits state that “the company will be able to process the data for the purposes that it considers beneficial for itself, and not only initially agreed with the person”.

    The Skolkovo Foundation sent the text of the edits to the digital economy regulatory group. There, they will either be accepted or sent back for revision.

    Experts at the group say:

    “Innovations would allow a diversified business and start-ups to simplify obtaining consent for the processing of personal data, expand the range of services that can be obtained remotely, and offer customers exactly what they are interested in.”

    According to MegaFon, “this will improve the order of data processing, and this will stimulate the development of new services.” Rostelecom agrees: “Experts are moving towards simplifying the issuance, revocation, and adjustment of consents to the processing of personal data”

    The opposite point of view to Vedomosti was expressed by the managing partner of the consulting agency Emelyannikov, Popova and partners, Mikhail Emelyannikov:

    “The proposed amendments are obviously beneficial only to businesses that can make the data a commodity and sell them in their own interests, and, moreover, the logic of these amendments can provoke many violations of the law on advertising, because this law prohibits the use of personal data for marketing purposes without consumer consent. ”

    Most recently, representatives of MTS, Tinkoff Bank and other companies discussed the future of data processing . As Leonid Tkachenko from MTS said:

    We have three strategies:

    • Full accumulation of all the data about the client in general, even if we do not understand how to use it. Storage technologies are cheap enough to store everything.
    • Open data scientists access to data and try to glare something.
    • Build on the basis of knowledge about people a new business, based on the penetration to them in the head, in the soul, in desires. Make the maximum personalization. To know everything about you, as if we are watching and listening to you without doing it.

    And the last mile of this business has already been built - to catch a person on the Internet and show him advertising. It remains to build the first one, penetrate deeply and find out what this person wants to see. So that every second bought.

    Leonid also said that the future of data can go two ways. Either the data will become the property of people, and they will be able to sell information about themselves, decide which company and what to open. Either the data will become the full property of the states.

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