Simplify3D 3D Printing Software Review

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    About the program


    Simplifay is not just a slicer, it's a complete solution. You no longer need to have many applications for 3D printing, because with the help of Simplify3D you can import and export models, cut, slice and send to print in minutes.

    This software is perfect for both beginners and professionals - beginners can confidently make their first steps in 3D printing, and for the pros it is an everyday tool, fast and reliable.

    It is worth adding that the world-famous online resource All3DP , the popular YouTube channels Maker's Muse and 3D Printing Nerd consider Simplify3D one of the best solutions for FDM printing.

    3D Printing Nerd at


    The program has access to a database of profiles, which covers most of the existing 3D printers and is constantly updated - the full list can be found on the website. According to the developer, their software works with 95% of devices on the market.

    If the printer is not in the list, it is easy to add the desired profile yourself.

    Functions and properties

    The software allows you to import 3D models, modify them and optimize them: Simplify3D includes tools for analyzing and repairing models, correcting errors in STL files and preparing for printing.

    Simplify3D quickly handles the largest and most complex files in STL, OBJ and 3MF formats - in this it has no equal among the common slicers on the market.

    Extruders, layers, filling options, heating and cooling - Simplify3D allows you to customize any parameters.

    Chips 4.0

    The fourth version of the program supports variable extrusion parameters for different layers of the model, seamless transitions between processes and a dynamic change in the plastic feed. The work with two extruders was also improved, the settings for filling the model became more flexible.

    It is possible to edit scripts and G-codes. Settings are saved in separate processes - it is very convenient if you like to experiment.

    Simplify3D perfectly implemented preview - you can track the whole process from and to or go to a specific layer. Color differentiation of various elements, processes and speeds greatly simplifies the perception and speeds up the preparation of the model for printing.

    Work with supports

    One of the unique features: Simplify3D not only implements the automatic generation of supports, but also their manual placement and deletion.

    The program supports the automatic creation of supports based on angles and their manual addition and removal as needed. Customize the layout, dimensions and angles for your supports. Remove support without damaging the part.

    Knowledge base

    The amount of available documentation is off scale. Instructions, tips, detailed manuals. You will find the answer to any question regarding FDM printing.

    There is one drawback - all in English.

    If you do not know English, nothing prevents you from contacting our specialists for help.


    The developer does not offer a trial version of Simplify3D, but returns the money if within two weeks you decide that the software does not suit you with something.

    Manufacturer video


    Simplify3D is an excellent program for engineers, designers and anyone who works with 3D printing. The program costs money, unlike Cura and Slic3r, but it is much richer functional. If you are constantly working with 3D printing, you will quickly appreciate the convenience and functionality of Simplify3D.

    We recommend Simplify3D first of all to those who are professionally engaged in 3D printing, and to those of amateurs who want to have access to all the available functions and settings, the list of which is updated with each update.

    Where can one buy

    Top 3D Shop - the official dealer Simplify3D. Having bought Simplify3D from us, you can always count on help in Russian.

    Simplify3D can be purchased with a significant discount - you can clarify the conditions of the promotion on our website .

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