Demopati in Helsinki "Assembly 2018" photo report, the second day

    Second day. After eating pizza around the corner of the trade and entertainment complex, we again walked along the graffiti road. We also walked along the second floor of the city (yes, this is Helsinki - a high-rise city, cyber punk iz n0w!) And found even more masterpieces. Patiplace under the cut.

    Filmed graffiti on a better camera.

    Please note that these grandmothers in hand. You immediately understand where you are and what you are =)

    This is a lift to other floors of the city. It is curious that trees grow on the upper floors. And not very frail sizes.

    I must say that the pizza has fallen in price. Every year the price tag, expressed in euros, is cheaper. Well, do not eat, we came here. So finally we have reached.

    Entrance to the Mesukeskus trade fair.

    We pass on and go down to the holy of holies: paaaaatypleys.

    Stand of the Finnish Army. BTR of course - credit! I wanted to climb on it already, I already found with my eyes where to lean on my foot, but I remembered that it was not a mockup, but a fully working machine, which drove into the hall under its own power. I should have asked for permission, but I didn’t understand what the political situation was, so I didn’t want to attract attention.

    It looks like a platform for playing tournaments. There were several such sites. They played in CS: GO, Rainbow Six, Overwatch, Dota 2.

    On the left, a gated PC, with water cooling, two vidyukhi and everything it should be. And what's on the right? - also a computer! New type of system unit. This is the stand of some company that develops and sells such toys.

    There were also stands with laptops, behind which one could just stand and play. They have a lot of games preinstalled, like in the good old days of computer clubs. But this is not a novelty of this party. In Helsinki, in many stores, you can first try out the equipment before you buy. In the shops of mobile devices, sometimes they even make a special chillout corner where you can easily make a favorite tablet before you buy it without haste or stress.

    At the entrance there was some ad for a set of beta-testers for some kind of game there. At first I thought it was a queue there. Then it turned out that people, having reached their turn, turn some kind of wheel and get something there. I still do not understand what it is. But the queue was consistently day, and by night, when the halls were empty, this queue became even longer.

    Oh, but this is generally the beauty of beauty! Pay attention to the cubic monitor, suspended from the ceiling. This is a chill out area where you can lie down and relax. But do not just lie down. Here they test for those who wish a special pillow into which the speakers are embedded. You connect with a pillow with your blue tooth and watch YouTube for example. In addition, the pillow can vibrate and massage. But for me personally, boards with nails hammered into them are closer. Do not rely on us, samurai, such calf tenderness.

    And this is the zone where any PC-shny devices for sale were sold. Mice, headphones, video cards - all top and at a discount of 30%.

    This - merch, all sorts of football and blouses with the logos of the festival. There was also a super-sewing machine, where the girl embroidered any logo to order.

    This is the stand of the Finnish School Game Deva. Very cool school need to say. Graduates at the end of doing real games, and the school helps students in the promotion of these games. And I must say this a little more than regular Tetris. Of course, unity, and yet the games of local graduates are very close to what can be seen here, for example, on the YouTube channel of the guest, Comrade Ducat: “Ducat - Indie Games” .

    Well, vibro-pillows in the cillout zone.

    Smiles, right?

    Piles of cheap nishtyak, piles. I bought myself a Finnish-made mouse, Roccat. I must say, they are getting better and better every year.

    Sewing machine for stripe logos.

    This is what the infodesk looks like.

    Allow me, I will not comment on this.

    Next to this place I found an interesting picture. Two girls somehow sexually-greedily unpacked the box with the hero from OverWatch, and the guy took it off, apparently, for a video blog. Figure for coloring, as in Soviet times. And yet, one more time ... _girls_, a pretty witch of appearance, with a desire and genuine interest, unpacked the box with the hero of OverWatch. Well, I ... well, I am always very happy at such moments, and I think ... about my own. Fotkat these things did not, not in the zoo.

    And the photo is just a stand of the Finnish army.

    Oh, yes, everything was right there, close by, was the stern. They sold food there. I must say, the portions are very large, and it costs only 7 euros. And do not go anywhere. And of course, very tasty.

    Seminar room. The presentation is on the monitor, and the narrator is on the right, in the dark, at a special table.

    A table with some kind of microcircuits, spare parts, and there somewhere there was still a 3d printer ... This is a stand of some kind of self-made. For some reason, always remember easy_john looking at this stand. I myself do not understand this.

    Retro computers and slot machines. In the comments I was asked to take a picture of retro in more detail. I photographed, I will post in the report for the day of the third.

    Geeeeeem fight. I love this thing very much.

    Of course, behind all the exhibits could sit and play.

    And this is a stand with a racing simulator. Last year there was a whole tournament for them, a specially equipped section. This time there were only 4-5 such gaming machines. I rolled on it. To be honest, not very much. The chair works somehow very poorly, the steering wheel has almost no feedback, the pedal stroke is unrealistically large. In general, the car in this slot machine, I did not feel. Although there were a number of other models of this machine. Or my machine was set up like this. However, very cool. Especially for those who come here with children.

    And here he played a very good psyambient, in this zone. I did not understand what is there, but it looks like an old computer club. And the flower curtains apparently should have been even better to set the visitor of this zone to the deepest nostalgia. Um, did the flowered curtains in Finnish computer clubs really exist? Quite possibly.

    Yes, there were T-shirts with heroes from Quake. Now I sit and think, but why didn’t I buy it?

    A mountain of souvenirs and all sorts of goodies. Art books, swords, board games, books, caps, key chains, toys. But that toy that I wanted was not. Neither Tux (the Linux penguin logo) nor the Beasty (the imp FreeBSD logo) was here. It's a pity. This is a serious shortcoming, in my opinion.

    Hockey area. Soviet youth.

    Here you could sit and play Sonya. Everything is free and unlimited.

    Well, where do without dancing. By the way, cool zone to cling girls. Here such smart ones came that for each of them you need a separate photo session.

    And that's it. Demos will be in future releases. I plan to post a photo for the third day, then a detailed discussion of the demos themselves, well, and if I have enough, then all sorts of advice regarding a trip to Fink and a stay at the party place. Wait for the next issues.

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