VLC is back in the App Store

    VLC media player after three years of absence returned to the App Store.

    The first version of the open-source player appeared in the store as early as 2010, but two months later Apple was removed due to disagreements over licensing issues - VLC was released under the GPLv2 license, and the App Store distributed software according to its more natural rules. Player developer Denis-Kurmont complained about this and Apple simply deleted the application.


    The VLC 2.0 version, written from scratch, is licensed under both the GNU General Public License v2 and the Mozilla Public License v2. “MPLv2 is quite suitable for distribution via the App Store,” said one VideoLAN developer. Sources for iOS version you can find here .

    Now the player can work with Dropbox, streaming services, download videos via Wi-Fi, supports all the same formats as the desktop version (including .mkv), subtitles and several video filters, work with AirPlay.

    While the application is available only in some countries, but the authors promise to distribute it to the whole world within a few days: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id650377962

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