P2P money transfer services from card to Visa and Mastercard

    Task: how to get money from another person here and now?

    You provide services, but not an entrepreneur. You decided to sell something. You are paying for everyone. You need to pay off credit card debt. Here is just a small list of situations where you need to transfer money from one person to another.
    In general, there are several options for transferring money: give in cash, transfer by electronic money, make a payment via Internet bank, make a transfer from a bank card to a Visa or Mastercard bank card . Each method is good in its own way, but cards still steer!
    I was interested in reviewing Russian services of P2P transfers by bank cards.

    As of July 2013, 6 services were found for transferring funds from card to card using Visa Money Transfer® and MasterCard MoneySend® technologies:

    Under the cut you can find specific recommendations. I invite the public to use, clarify and supplement.

    Comparison of methods: Cash, E-Money, Online Banking, Visa / Mastercard


    About the card number ... The sender of money needs to know the card number of the recipient in most transfer services from card to card. The card number is not enough in itself for scammers to take possession of your money. But still, if you guess the month and year, then in some cases you can conduct a transaction, while neither CVC, nor name and surname, nor 3DSecure are needed. Therefore, you should not tell the card number to everyone right and left and publish it in the public domain.

    About 3D Secure (3DS) ... This is already a well-known technology for protecting bank cards - it involves confirming the operation by entering a code from sms, a one-time code from a scratch card or an extract from an ATM, or a payment password. 3DS authentication is equivalent to an electronic digital signature - i.e. such a transaction is almost impossible to appeal. Not all cards support 3DS, because technology for banks costs a lot of money. Here is a partial list of banks that support 3DS.
    Some leading banks sell the service frankly poorly. For example, VTB24 - to activate 3DS on the map - you need to go with your legs to the bank and write a statement. Or, for example, Sberbank - to get a list of codes - you need to take care of this in advance and print an extract with 20 codes at the ATM. At least that was until recently.
    According to experts, and personal experience, only 50% of bank cards in Russia have normal 3DS support.

    Cash is the easiest option. But what if there is no cash: there was not enough money, I forgot my wallet, there is nowhere to exchange money, the ATM is far away.
    Electronic money is not universal enough. Suitable if both people use them, and at the same time. If e-money is different - there is a need to exchange it. It is becoming more and more complicated and certainly not instant. And since the transfer within a specific substation is instantaneous, the transfer fee is minimal, or zero at all. There are still fees for withdrawing to the cache - at the level of 2-3%.
    Bank Transfernot fast. Online banking assumes that the sender and the recipient have an online bank in any of the banks. But even if so, then consider this method as instantaneous only if the sender and the recipient have accounts opened in the same bank. Otherwise, the transfer takes from 1 to 3 calendar days, the fees are different: from a fixed 20 rubles without %%, up to 3% of the amount.
    Bank cardas a means of payment the most simple and understandable. Cards have maximum coverage and are accessible to anyone from the crowd. Visa and MasterCard have long come up with acquiring, but it is available only for companies (and entrepreneurs). For ordinary people - individuals - technologies for the safe transfer of funds from one person’s card to another’s card are implemented: MasterCard MoneySend and Visa MoneyTransfer (or Visa Personal Payments).

    Comparison of P2P transfer services from card to card


    Comparison of service fees

    I figured out how much the real commission will be when transferring 300, 500, 1.000, 3.000, 5.000, 10.000 and 15.000 rubles. Interesting figures were obtained: from 0.5% to 16.7%.

    It's easier to see everything on the chart:
    As I already wrote, some banks offer special conditions for transferring funds to their own cards (in the table and on the chart these are “min” options ). For example, Alfa-Bank offers 0.5% + 30 rubles. instead of 1.95% + 30 rubles. for the transfer. Russian Standard Bank offers 0.5% + 50 rubles. instead of 1.90% + 50 rubles. Agree, it is reasonable to use the services of those banks that are facing the client.


    You can find the most favorable conditions in a given situation, knowing the amount of the transfer , the type of sender and recipient cards (Visa or Mastercard) and the bank that issued the recipient's card .
    • MasterCard Mobile is the most balanced service, but for transferring only between MasterCard cards of any banks. The sender needs to register in the service. The lowest commission when transferring amounts up to 1000 rubles. Oddly enough, by all, the vaunted Visa system did not bother to run anything like this for its cards (approx. Author).
    • PayOnline is the most universal service. The lowest commission for transfers between Visa cards with an amount of less than 500 rubles.
    • Alfa-Bank - the lowest commission when transferring from any card to an Alfa-Bank card, starting from the amount of 1000 rubles.
    • Russian Standard - the lowest commission when transferring from any card to a Russian Standard card, starting from the amount of 3000 rubles.
    • Qiwi - oddly enough, loses to everyone, with a transfer amount of more than 1000 rubles.
    • RuRu and Russian Standard are the most greedy for transfers less than 1000 rubles.

    Who needs it and why?

    In what situations can P2P translation services be useful?

    • You provide services . You are not an entrepreneur, you do not have a cash register or pos-terminal with you, and you are not ready to issue invoices and certificates either - all this is only in the near future. Are you a freelancer, a remoter, or a hairdresser, a massage therapist - yes, anyone. You have done the work, you need to get the money, here and now.
    • You decided to sell something from the old trash. We placed an ad, a person comes, everything is OK, you give away your trash, a person gives money. And all this must be done simultaneously.
    • You pay for the whole company . Relax in a bar or restaurant, at the end bring a single account. Someone may not have change or the required amount in cash. Others would like to pay by card. And it begins. As a result, one pays on the card, others are thrown off in cash, and it would be nice to get money from the rest, too. there is a chance that we will not see them again, or they will not intentionally forget about it.
    • You urgently need to throw money . Situations are different, including and with people dear to us. Sometimes there is simply no time to sort out and search for the nearest WesternUnion or Contact to either the recipient or the recipient of the transfer.
    • You need to pay off credit card debt . Sometimes it happens that you need to throw money yourself. Soon the end of the month, and then you remember that you climbed into the credit limit. The most annoying thing is that it can be quite a bit, for example, the subscription fee for SMS was charged. And that's it, if you don’t replenish 50 rubles on time. - A negative credit rating is provided for a long time.


    1. Get two cards of two different banks. For instance:

    2. Carefully study the services of P2P transfers:
    • Translation service from PayOnline processing center . Register yourself, attach your cards and get payment links. These links can be handed out to users: posting on the site, in a group of social networks, sending via email and sms is safe, because instead of the card number, your email will be there. So, we do the steps:
      1. Registration in PayID .
      2. Bank card binding .
      3. Creating a page for translations - Accepting transfers (without specifying the amount).
      Excellent! Now we have a link - we send it to everyone who owes us money. In addition, if we forgot this long link, you can always make a transfer by PayID - our email. To do this, go to fast.payonline.ru , look for a link about translations, find, poke and see an empty translation form . In the Recipient section, select PayID and just enter your email.
    • Translation service from Alfa-Bank . Use to transfer funds between Alfa-Bank cards. No need to register.
    • RSExpress from Russian Standard Bank . Use to transfer funds between the cards of the Bank “Russian Standard”. Registration is optional.
    • MasterCard Mobile
      To transfer money, the sender will need to register on this site. This option is the most profitable, but also the least convenient. Suitable if it is a prepayment and is taken in advance. Or there is time, and the person who sends money is disposed to learn something new.

    I wish you had something to translate!

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