Apple I, assembled by Steve Wozniak in 1976, went under the hammer for 387 thousand US dollars

    Rare equipment is often sold at auctions, and some lots go at exorbitant prices. In general, customers can be understood, because they are not just acquiring a set of boards and radio parts, but a piece of IT history. This time, Apple I was sold at an auction, which was manually assembled by Steve Wozniak. The final rate was very high - 387 thousand US dollars. And this is provided that "the owner does not guarantee the operability of the device."

    In general, it is not entirely clear whether the lot is working, but it all looks good, at least in the photo. The computer was assembled as part of Apple's first order, then a batch of such computers was ordered for the electronics store. Then the price of one such computer was $ 666 and 66 cents. On all accompanying documents for this computer is the signature of Wozniak.

    It is worth noting that a couple of years ago the same PC was sold "only" for 174 thousand dollars. Although, before that, similar lots were sold (although in working condition) and at a great price. By the way, other rare electronic goods were sold at the same auction, including Apple Lisa, a personal computer with (wow!) A graphical interface. Were put up for auction and such rarities as the prototype Apple IIGS, as well as the 20th Anniversary Macintosh (there were only 12 thousand such models).

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