Turkish President announced a ban on the import of electronics from the US

    Recep Erdogan and the iPhone

    Not one Russia is played with counter-sanctions. "Symmetrical response" to the recent actions of the States found the Turkish president. Erdogan decided to ban the import of gadgets and electronics into Turkey by the United States. About it reports the agency "Anadolu". At the same time, all iPhones, Xbox boxes and processors are, of course, supposed to be replaced with their own products. The Russian leadership looks at the trade partner with envy, preparing a notebook and pen.

    The United States earlier doubled the duties on Turkish aluminum and steel in connection with the arrest in Turkey of American pastor Andrew Brunson, who was accused of supporting a military rebellion against the current government. New duties provoked the collapse of the Turkish lira. Then President Erdogan announced that Ankara will turn to new markets, find new partners, and will certainly respond to Washington. He claims that

    after the United States did not achieve the desired diplomacy from Ankara and could not destabilize the situation in Turkey, they resorted to economic pressure. Turkey, of course, loses from the depreciation of the national currency. In this case, undoubtedly, those who are behind the speculation in the foreign exchange market also lose.

    According to Erdogan, Turkey is now - 17th in the world in terms of GDP and 13th in terms of purchasing power parity. It is in her success that lies the reason for the hostility towards Ankara.

    “Preservation of production is unacceptable. We need to produce and export more, ”Erdogan said, stressing that Ankara will actively encourage investors in Turkey.

    Turkey will rely on the production of analogues of imported goods. In this case, the emphasis will be placed on the production of even better products, which we will export.

    America economically attacks not only on us, but on China and Russia, Iran and Europe. Even to Canada. But an operation has been launched against us. We will boycott American electronics. They have an iPhone, but there is a Samsung.

    A few hours after the Turkish leader’s statement, the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning of Turkey announced a plan to abandon the use of building materials from the United States — to “respond to the speculation of the US authorities with exchange rates.”

    Russia has so far banned the import of agricultural products, raw materials and food from the United States. After the last series of sanctions this spring, the State Duma also looked closely at restricting the importation of equipment, alcohol, tobacco and drugs.

    A new package of US sanctions against the Russian Federation is scheduled for August 22, due to Skripale’s “Novice” poisoning. They will touch the Russian state. bonds, oil and gas industry and, possibly, Aeroflot. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that Russia is preparing a response to new US sanctions - according to her, the answer will be based on the nature and extent of the new US sanctions.

    Fortunately, from Russia, American gadgets buy so far allow. Which means we can save very well. Electronics in the US is cheaper by an average of 30%, for expensive devices it saves tens of thousands of rubles. Order and deliver from the USA to Russia will help Pochtoy.com. Only from $ 11.90 per pound (the last iPhone, for example, weighs much less than a pound, and the savings are about 20 thousand rubles).

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