It’s a very small poll that clarifies the attitude of the habrasociety to GMOs

    A bit off topic of the community, which is why I posted it in offtopic hubs.
    Recently, I often see how they raise this topic, including on the hub itself (wait, don’t look for these articles, I don’t specifically provide links to them, but what good will change your mind immediately before the vote!).
    I would like to believe that people here are quite educated. That is why I came here with this survey, in the hope of regaining faith in humanity.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    How do you feel about products containing GMOs?

    • 53.6% A remarkable invention of mankind (almost like double-sided tape) 2078
    • 12.9% Probably you can eat, since scientists came up with (not a word about Oppenheimer) 500
    • 16.4% Prefer to eat natural food (yesterday, oh-so-so-so pulled out turnips) 637
    • 4.7% The harm from GMOs is clear even to a student (from the 7th grade they begin to understand, in the 9th no one doubts) 183
    • 12.2% I'm more interested in IT. We got these your offtopics (now I’m also in minusan’s karma for you, villain) 473

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