Grand Theft Auto V - an introduction to the game world

Rockstar, as promised, released a video today introducing us to the world of the game.

Press release from the company " 1C-Softklab " :
Today, Rockstar Games company introduced the world's first gameplay video game under development Grand Theft the Auto the V , which will premiere on September 17.

Grand Theft Auto V is created by specialists from Rockstar North, this is the most ambitious and most ambitious issue of the famous series to date. Presented in GTA V, the virtual world is truly huge, worked out to the smallest detail and filled with life from the mountain peaks to the ocean depths.
And now for the first time you can see with your own eyes Grand Theft Auto Vand make your own impression of the gameplay of the future masterpiece of Rockstar Games. We remind you that in our country the game will be released with subtitles in Russian.

Analysis of graphics on different platforms;)

The release of the game is scheduled for September 17, the game will be released on the current generation consoles: PS3 and XBOX 360.

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