The London Stock Exchange has finally launched trading on the Linux platform

    After successful tests, the London Stock Exchange launched full-fledged trading for all participants on the new trading platform based on Novell SUSE Linux.

    “The London Stock Exchange is pleased to confirm that the Millennium Exchange system has now come into effect,” the customer announcement said on Monday.

    The Millennium Exchange trading platform is based on the Millennium IT engine, which is written in C ++ and runs on SUSE Linux. The migration of all systems from the old TradElect platform to the new Millennium Exchange took place over the weekend. At this time, all gateways from customers to the trading network and data centers were reconfigured. The old TradElect system was written in C # and worked under Microsoft .NET on Windows Server and SQL Server, and in 2007 Accenture was modernized as part of a project worth £ 40 million, ComputerWorld writes .

    Alternative Marketplace TurquoiseIt has been working on the Millennium Exchange platform for four months, but the migration of the main LSE trading platform to the new platform has been delayed all the time. The launch took place three months late due to the investigation of several incidents on Turquoise in November, which is why the auction went offline for two hours. Although some talked about the possibility of sabotage, it turned out that the reason was a human error.

    During testing, the new trading platform set a European record for transaction speed (latency). Now her trial in real conditions begins.

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