MBLT DEV 2018: price increase and new speakers

    The 5th International Mobile Developers Conference MBLT DEV 2018 will be held on September 28, and this Saturday the ticket price will rise. Under the cut - speakers, 3 reasons to become a participant in the conference and the latest tickets at the old price.

    Uber pulls up

    And badoo and other cool guys are taking it. Developers from such applications giants exactly have something to share.

    Ellie Shin from Uber will tell you how to put on a diet mobile application. You will learn how to reduce the size of the application, increase its performance and make it attractive to users.

    Artyom Rudoy , Badoo will make a report on the implementation of a unified design system and accelerating the development of UI. After all, when 390 million users are looking for love in an application, the speed of development and the quality of UI are critical.

    Paul Hudson , by Hackingwithswift.comdispel all myths about working with Swift. Is it easy to learn how to write in Swift? Does the choice of architecture really affect the application? Can protocol-oriented programming simplify application hierarchy? If you want to write better code, you need to start challenging these assumptions. We learn how to do this from the report. More speakers can be found on the conference website .

    Participation in MBLT DEV is:

    Experience . Gain knowledge of colleagues from world-renowned IT-companies during the presentations and ask questions to any speakers in the discussion areas. Pump yourself and pump your projects.

    Networking . Meet and share contacts with representatives of the mobile developer community. This will help find like-minded people.

    Fan . Contests, quizzes, prizes all day.

    Tickets are the cheapest now.

    From August 18, tickets will be worth more. You have 4 days to buy a ticket at the old price.

    See you September 28 in Moscow!

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