Typegram - Zen blog platform

    Hi, Habr. I decided to show you the engine that I am developing on the sly. This is a blogging platform, very close to the medium and similar projects.

    Basic features:

    Publications, comments, favorites, subscriptions, notifications, ratings, voting.

    Minimalistic, textual design:


    There is a playground where you can touch the platform, without prejudice to civilians: test site .


    The service automatically divides users by language, directing Russian-speaking users to the Russian subdomain, and English-speaking users to English. Those separation is essentially implemented at the content level. True interface is available only English. Each subdomain has its own database and its users, registration is not pass-through (each subdomain has its own ecosystem, life did not originate everywhere, for example).


    The service is characterized by very aggressive optimization. All downloaded images are more than 100 kilobytes, they are squeezed by the Atkinson method in black and white previews, with the ability to view the original, for example:

    Heavyweight scripts and styles are not used, as well as external scripts that monitor user behavior. The site remains fast and convenient on any platform, including with javascript disabled. In the future, I would like to reach the speed of loading telegram channels.


    The main page displays the list of authors the user is subscribed to and the number of new posts for each author. When you click on this button, unread publications are opened, in chronological order, as in the telegram channels:


    Also on the main page displays notifications of references in the comments, with the possibility of transition:


    The editor supports both marcown and visual text formatting, with the ability to preview, expand to full screen and so on. Work is underway to ensure the availability of the site for blind and visually impaired users.

    Rating system

    On the main page there are three sections with strange names:
    top mid btm

    Yes, I love DotA (my dog’s name is Pooj, for example). I think that ratings are more about game mechanics / motivations than something seriously adequate. All articles are going to farm rating at mid) How nafarmyat - get to the top. If they melt the mid, they will fall to the bottom. The cherished formula was carefully stolen with ycombinator (new articles need fewer votes to get to the top than the old ones). Sorry for such a free manipulation of such a holy thing for many as rating. But the rating of the authors, as such, at the moment no. Only rating articles.

    Article rating.

    + 5: 1 -

    Each user has 10 votes per day. He can spend them both on pluses, and on minuses. As to all 10 votes for one article, so he wants to distribute them.
    The author sees both negative and positive reactions separately.

    Comment Rating

    Comments are evaluated only positively. I do not know why, do not ask. I wanted to give more opportunities for collecting feedback with different mechanics. For a comment, you can give only one vote. Each user has 10 votes per comment per day. One comment - one vote. It seems to be transparent, but it is not accurate. Perhaps this will change soon.


    Each article may have a global tag. So far, only one (for some reason, I am afraid of huge tag clouds for all occasions).


    The source code of the project is open. The instructions for building and deploying your own version are available on the githaba: github


    This is not the first project with UGC. Unfortunately, letters of happiness from Roskomnadzor / Hosting Provider arrive about once a week. Therefore, I rather nervously react to child porn and other illegal content. The ban button appeared one of the first ones. New comments should not be posted more than once a minute. There should be more than 10 characters in a comment or in a post. This pool of restrictions did not appear out of nowhere.

    What's inside

    The project is written in golang, without external dependencies. Now it is hosted on a regular dedicated server, with slow hdd and under high load has not yet been. I would not want to get ahead of myself and tell you what a great database is at the basis, because you first need to make sure that it is really beautiful)

    Denial of responsibility

    Much has not yet been completed. Many things are not implemented as all. What I'm experimenting with. Something you think is wrong. But if the project seemed interesting to you - try: github

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