Candidate of Technical Sciences. Any other career development for an IT specialist?

    Good day. Before starting this article, I want to make a reservation: I am not a supporter of work for the sake of work, as well as work in the name of salary. With this article I do not set myself the task of writing another post (so that it would be) or gaining some kind of support (dating) from Habr. The current post, and in conjunction with it - comments on it, is a reflection on the topic - is it worth writing a dissertation in modern Russia and can it (a dissertation) be useful anywhere else than a bookshelf. I read some material ( one , two ) on this topic (including on Habrahabr - three , four , and not quite on Habré - five), but still remained a little discouraged by the huge amount of different information spread out under the tree. Books are often written by eminent experts. And since the name is created to some extent through recognition by the masses, then, therefore, books are written for the masses. Both humanities and techies - everyone will find there something useful for themselves. But by narrow specialization you cannot find detailed information. Moreover, we work in IT, and this area (as it seems to me for some reason) is slightly different in relation to science than, for example, the same physics or chemistry. And I have been asking myself this question for many years (right from the beginning of my studies at the university): does it make sense to get a degree in IT (well, some kind of computer programming or research in the field of generative programming)? As a result of this mini-article, I want to get an answer to my question first of all from myself on the basis of the advice and opinions of friendly Khabrovites. And since this all happens online, that’s why other respected hawkers will be able to discover for themselves the topic of a degree in IT and understand whether they need it and whether to take this slippery slope. For honorary candidates and doctors of science in the field of IT and related fields, a lot of politeness and a sensitive attention to every word in the comments are prepared under the cut.

    Excuse me - a small survey. And to the table.

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    Do you consider it appropriate to obtain a degree in IT?

    • 45.7% I think it is advisable 694
    • 54.2% I think it is impractical 823

    Do you have a degree in IT or related fields?

    • 12.1% I have 191
    • 87.8% Don't have 1386

    Did a degree in life help you? (please write comments)

    • 27.4% Helped 166
    • 72.5% The degree was useless 438

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