Review and impressions of Blackberry Q10


    Good afternoon, dear Khabrovites. I would like to share my impressions of the new Blackberry smartphone - Blackberry Q10. At the moment, this is the last device released by Canadians, as well as the first QWERTY smartphone on the Blackbery 10 operating system.

    For me, this is the first device with a keyboard, and indeed the first non-iPhone for the last five years. So I really discovered a smartphone from scratch.


    In my opinion, the Q10 is pretty cute. The basis of the device is a metal frame, the front side is glass, the back cover is plastic. In general, the smartphone is made in a simple style, all lines and bends are smooth, there is nothing catchy or defiant.

    On the front side, in addition to the display and keyboard, there is a camera for video calls, a voice speaker, as well as light and distance sensors.

    On the left side of the smartphone is a micro-usb connector for charging the device and connecting to a computer, as well as a micro-hdmi connector. Three buttons are located on the right: volume changes at the edges, as well as a button for controlling the media player in the center. I must say that these buttons are generally very useful, with the help of them you can turn on voice control or control the camera, for example.

    At the bottom of Q10, in the center, is a speaker; next to it is a tiny hole for the microphone. Above is the power / lock button for the smartphone, an input for a standard 3.5mm jack, as well as two small holes for the antenna.

    At the back is an 8 megapixel camera with flash.

    The back cover is removable. Under it we see a battery, a slot for a SIM card and for a micro-SD card. To change the SIM card, the battery will have to be removed.

    Q10 assembled very well. The materials are high-quality, there are no problems at the joints and seams. It is convenient to use the smartphone with one hand, and it fits easily into your pocket.

    But I still have a gripe with him - the back cover is removed very easily. Several times she strove to jump off without permission.


    Processor : 1.5 GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus
    RAM : 2 GB
    Internal memory : 16 GB
    Memory expansion : micro-SD slot up to 64 GB
    Battery : 2100 mAh
    Screen : 3.1-inch AMOLED, 720x720 pixels, 328 pixels per inch
    Dimensions : 119.6 x 66.8 x 10.4 mm
    Weight : 139 g
    Main camera : 8 megapixels, 3264 x 2448 pixels; supports recording video 1080p, 30 frames per second
    Front camera : 2 megapixels, 720p

    Q10 supports all modern data transfer interfaces: GPRS, EDGE, HSPA, LTE; Wi-Fi 802.11, Bluetooth v4.0. The smartphone has a built-in GPS module.

    Blackberry is fast. It works without hesitation, chewing a bunch of running applications without problems. All interfaces work smoothly, applications run instantly. Street panoramas, three launched YouTube videos on one page, games - nothing made Q10 think.

    Another strength of the device is its runtime. No, you should not expect anything out of the ordinary from Blackberry. The indicator of 2100 mAh is not something outstanding, however, compared to 5 'monsters, the device consumes much less energy. The manufacturer claims that the device will last 310 hours in standby mode and 10 in talk mode (less than the Galaxy S4). In practice, Q10 seemed to me to be tenacious of my old units. Not much, but there is a difference. Even with the constant use of the smartphone during the day, until the evening I have enough.

    I would also like to talk about signal reception. Blackberry is really better at finding and holding a cellular network. Almost always, he shows one die more than the smartphones of my comrades and he often finds 3G in previously unknown places.


    Actually, the main distinguishing feature of the smartphone. The keyboard is five-plus.

    It prints great. The keys move conveniently, fingers are positioned comfortably on the device. I tried to type long texts - very much nothing. Using the keyboard is convenient in any situation - walking along the street, lying in bed, sitting on the toilet.

    There are only keyboard keys on the smartphone. All, no control buttons. But it should be noted that for various applications there are many "hot" keys.

    The keyboard backlight was very pleased. With adjustable brightness, it turns on automatically depending on the ambient light. For me, in this case, the debugging and invisibility of the work is exactly what is needed.

    However, the main advantage of the physical keyboard - its materiality - is its main catch. Firstly, the Russian alphabet did not fit completely. Some letters are on the same key (“b” and “b”, “w” and “u”, “e” and “e”, for example). Secondly, as you probably noticed, I don’t have one like that either. My gadget is French, therefore only Latin is present on it. Thirdly, on azerty-keyboards the “M” key is to the right of “L”, however, on Q10 it is located on a place that is ordinary for a Russian user. Out of habit, I sometimes click on the “backspace”.

    It should be noted nevertheless that these shortcomings are far from critical. Rarely used characters on a single key do not cause inconvenience, and auto-correction corrects typical typos. And unlike me, Russian users will not have problems with localization.


    With modern gigantomania, the Q10 screen looks tiny. I do not share the trends in the dimensions of current mobile devices, but the screen size is still slightly smaller than I would like.

    The screen is bright and contrast. At a pixel density of 328 per square inch, the text is read just fine, the interface elements are rounded and detailed. The picture does not fade or distort even at almost zero viewing angles.

    When working, you do not pay much attention to the size of the display, but I must admit, sometimes there are times when you want to see, "what is there below." The data of some applications that completely fit on an iPhone now has to be scrolled down.

    Developers anticipating this, tried to free up space on the screen to the maximum. Some applications, for example, have no elements at all during operation. The control panel appears only when you drag your finger from the top edge of the screen to the center.

    The screen should record its sensitivity in the flaws. At first, it was a little difficult for me with my thumbs to perform actions requiring accuracy (put the cursor in front of a certain character in the text, for example). After several days of work, this problem no longer arises, but still working on Q10 requires a bit more focus than on other gadgets.

    How it works

    The Blackberry Q10 has both its unique advantages and unique disadvantages. A very original solution is to control the smartphone with gestures. The device is unlocked by moving from the bottom of the screen up. The trick is that the movement must be done precisely from the bottom edge of the screen, otherwise nothing will work. Unintentionally making such a gesture is very problematic, and in your pocket a smartphone just doesn’t wake up.

    When you drag your finger from the bottom edge to the center, the screen moves to the list of running applications. The list scrolls along the vertical axis; You can freely switch between applications, closing unnecessary ones. An identical gesture when the application is running will minimize it to tray. Now I have a question: how have you never thought of this before? A very simple and convenient way to work with a smartphone, which eliminates the additional controls on the screen.

    When moving from the left edge of the screen to the center, the Blackberry Hub launches - perhaps the most significant feature of the Blackberry 10. The Blackberry Hub is a universal node in which information about everything is collected and structured: letters, messages on social networks, made calls, system notifications, and so on .

    Information is available both in certain categories and in a general heap. Directly from the Blackberry Hub, you can perform the necessary action - forward the letter, reply to the message or start the update. I stopped launching some applications on the second day of using Q10, the Blackberry Hub is so convenient.

    As I said, when the device is working, its small screen size is taken into account. For example, a page reading mode is available for the browser.

    With one hundred percent vision and excellent screen quality, I use this mode on literally two sites. The rest are quite readable in normal viewing mode.

    The browser on Q10 is really full-fledged, it allows you to play youtube videos directly on the page, causes admiration / disgust for flash-buns on sites, etc.

    What the Q10 is definitely not suitable for is watching the video. The picture can either be left with original proportions, losing even more space on the screen, or stretched to the full screen, while cropping the image around the edges.

    And if for Youtube this at the very least is enough, then you can regretfully forget about films.

    operating system

    The operating system is very good, but unfinished. It must be said that the gadget appeared on sale with a delay precisely because of BlackBerry 10.1, which magicians from Canada doped in their bins.

    The OS is primarily convenient, the transition from iOS turned out to be almost painless. At least questions from the series: “How to turn off Windows 8?” I did not ask Google this time. Android users will generally feel at ease. Probably.

    BlackBerry 10.1 has about two hundred hot keys. A space scrolls the page down, “T” returns to the beginning of the document (top), “H” opens the history in the browser (history), “S” starts the search (search), etc. So working with a browser or documents is a minimum of hassle.

    The system synchronized contacts and calendars with a Google account without any problems. As an experiment, I decided to synchronize with Facebook and Twitter at the same time: all the available information was added to the profiles for contacts, birthday dates appeared on the calendar.

    Security policy is implemented at a high level. There is a possibility to configure parental control, application access rights, data encryption in a smartphone and on a memory card.

    The main drawback of the operating system is the BlackBerry World application store, which is currently, to put it mildly, scarce. Not empty, but scarce. At least a few applications that I used daily on the iPhone are not there. I want to watch the news of the Euronews channel, read the friend feed in LiveJournal, take photos of my dinners for Instagram. On BlackBerry, I am deprived of this opportunity. But I never had so many bookmarks in the browser.

    I would like to throw a large stone like that into the garden of Canadians for the Russian dictionary. Ignorance of slang and diminutive suffixes is excusable, but not suspecting the presence in the Russian language of the middle gender and cases is already too much, gentlemen. I would like this mistake to be fixed as soon as possible.

    Computer connection

    Connecting the device to a computer is possible via a usb or wi-fi cable. For Q10, the usb drive mode is available, in which it is defined as an external medium, or you can put a client for working with a smartphone on your computer - BlackBerry Link.

    BlackBerry Link is convenient. Content is divided into 4 categories - music, images, videos and documents; Synchronization of media files and data occurs without problems. In general, the program clearly and efficiently performs its work; the search works correctly, the library syncs with iTunes without problems. But admittedly, the functionality of the latter application is far away.

    On OS X, BlackBerry Link began to swear at the outdated version of iPhoto and refused to recognize photo and video files on the smartphone. On Windows, everything works perfectly.

    Two incomprehensible moments for me - when the usb drive mode is on, the BlackBerry Link “does not see” the gadget. Also, while connecting the device to the computer, applications on the Q10 "do not see" the microSD-card. Unfortunately, before that I had never used smartphones with a memory card and I do not know if this situation is normal. However, this state of affairs does not suit me very much.


    The camera at BlackBerry is not bad, it can take pictures in the proportions of 16: 9, 4: 3 and 1: 1. In the afternoon, in good lighting, quality is not a shame. Even nightly static shots sometimes turned out pretty good.

    Unfortunately, it’s better not to try to remove something dynamic in low light. Yes, photos sometimes turn out to be tolerable, but in most shots you will not be able to see nicherta.

    About the video. I don’t recommend shooting a wedding on Q10, but he can easily capture the fall of another meteorite.

    Options and price

    The Q10 has a low grade. Included with the device is a USB cable, an adapter for charging from a 220 V network, headphones with a pair of interchangeable heads, a small brochure with a brief description of the smartphone from the manufacturer and instructions from the operator.

    Headphones are pretty bad. And it’s not even their soundless sounding, they are terribly uncomfortable. I do not know anything about the shape of the ears of Canadians, but they have little in common with the generally accepted human standard on planet Earth.

    In France, a BlackBerry Q10 without a contract with a mobile operator costs 649 euros. This is 30 euros less than the fifth iPhone and a hundred Galaxy S4.


    Q10 I am satisfied. The smartphone turned out to be quite modern and high-quality, without obvious flaws. A bit crude, it nonetheless contains some very nice innovations. By and large, I have no complaints about it, and a common language with the gadget was easily found. For me personally, a great browser makes up for the lack of applications. A little frustrating is the lack of the opportunity to watch films, although, to be honest, I have not watched a single one on an iPhone over the past year.

    If you need a communicator for the Internet, music, you write a lot of messages and publish a bunch of tweets, then I recommend BlackBerry. If you like your favorite TV shows, Angry Birds or you just want to install an abundance of applications, then you should look at other gadgets.

    PS This is my first experience writing reviews, so I will be very grateful for comments in comments or posts.

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