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    podcastWeb Standards podcast, Release №133: New Chrome 69, reading semantics, CSS without cascade and Houdini, API for accessibility, burnout.
    podcastFrontend Weekend podcast # 65 - Igor Sheko on how to become a leading team leader from a serial start-up
    CSSSRpodcast podcast News 512 - Issue # 18 (August 6 - August 12)
    podcastDevshakhta podcast: # 45 - When the front-endender becomes devops
    Frontendpodcast Youth (18+) podcast # 60: Sergey Berezhnoy: Fractal life , # 59: Let's talk about Java script

    Web development

    habrUse AMP as a general purpose library for creating fast dynamic sites.
    enIcon Fonts vs SVGs - which one should I use in 2018?
    en“SVG Filters: The Crash Course” - intensive from Sara Soueidan
    enGoogle AMP - loss of 70% of our conversion
    enHow to create a small beautiful npm package and publish it
    enwebhint: a tool for a comprehensive analysis of the site with suggestions for improving it (former sonarwhal )


    Fresh updates of CSS drafts: level 3 overflow, level 3 lowercase layout, level 2 grids
    enLine-height Crop - a simple CSS formula for eliminating upper indent in text
    enAwareness of initial values ​​in your CSS
    enAutomatic change of text color for different backgrounds using CSS variables
    enHiding techniques in CSS
    enCreating an “ideal” CSS system
    enCSS Grid layout: multiply and conquer - or how to actually work with grids
    enChanges in CSS Grid Layout in percent and undefined height
    enDo not write CSS - customize it using tailwind


    • This habrkeyword in JavaScript for beginners
    habrHow JS works: custom elements
    habrComparison of React and Vue on a practical example
    habr[bookmarked] 23 recommendations for protecting Node.js applications
    7 recommendations for decorating JavaScript code
    enHow to deal with dirty side effects in your pure functional javascript
    enFix problems with the scope of a variable in ECMAScript 6
    enChris Koyer on creating sticky page tracking navigation
    enA practical guide to regular expressions (RegEx) in JavaScript
    enDivide and rule! Lazy loading for your SPA

    • Libs & Plugins:
      enPts - typescript / javascript library for visualization and creative coding
      enlazyestload.js - loads images only if it appears in the viewport, only 350 bytes of js code
      enSuperSlide.js - a flexible, smooth slide menu for your next PWA
      enSplitting - microbibliography JavaScript with a collection of small plug-ins designed to separate lines into smaller entities - words, symbols and other options.


    Firefox started testing content recommendation system based on user activity
    Opera integrates a cryptographic client into the desktop version of its browser
    New Mozilla experiment: Firefox Advance extension that analyzes network activity history to select potentially interesting sites and articles
    enChrome 69 Beta: many CSS improvements and much more


    How to choose a font for the media
    "Way back - no": In Android 9.0 Pie, Google has deprived users of the ability to return to older versions of the OS
    Dart 2.0 language update has been released, alternatives to JavaScript from Google
    Neural network learned how to create a portrait of a person using text description
    How a generation grew up in China that did not know Google, Facebook and Twitter
    Funny and scary things. We recall the most spectacular hacks IoT over the past few years

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