Lens for iPhone 4 / 4S, 3 in one

    What is this and why?

    A very good Chinese fake olloclip , at a price 7 times lower than the original, arrived today from China. This is a lens on one side of which there is a fisheye lens (180 °), on the second 0.67x wide-angle lens, which is unscrewed and the pants turn under it a third macro lens.

    Caution, a lot of photos

    I have long wanted to buy something like this, I searched for a long time on ebay and other buyincoins, mostly the Chinese offer lenses that are mounted using a magnetic ring + double-sided tape, or with a clothespin mount:

    In my opinion, the most convenient way to mount such Lenses came up with olloclip. For comparison, two photo packaging original and fake:




    In the Chinese kit:
    1. 3 in one lens
    2. Two protective covers
    3. Handbag

    The quality as for the $ 10 craft is very good, there are no backlashes, the protective covers and the mount are made of plastic, and they attach well to the iPhone, the lens holder, or as it is called correctly, is made of aluminum.

    This is how the package looks:




    And this is a macro, with a wide-angle lens unscrewed:

    This is how it all looks on an iPhone:

    Comparison of photos with and without lens

    Now for comparison, let's look at photos with and without a lens:



    And here is an example of macro


    In my opinion, there are three great lenses at a ridiculous price with convenient mounts that open up many creative options for Instagram lovers everywhere :-)

    PS In no case do you consider advertising of one or another manufacturer

    UPDATE at the request of workers to post a link to ebay and alibaba

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