OpenGift Developer Weekly Contest


    Become an OpenGift online hackathon!

    The challenge of the next contest will be open on August 18 at 10:00 GMT, the prize fund of $ 10,000 in platform tokens!

    Rules Hackaton

    1. Items objectives announced to all participants at the same time
    2. For the realization of the problem is given 24 hours
    3. The results are published at the same time in the form of links to open the repositories
    4. The best result is chosen by voting of the jury
    5. The winner receives the full amount of prize money

    to participants Requirements and results

    1 Anyone can participate in the hackathon
    2. The result must necessarily be published in the open repository
    3. The result must have a demonstration in the form of a web interface (for tasks related to the web) or video writing the result (for other tasks)

    Possible stacks: PHP + JS, Python, Ruby

    Subsequent hackathons will be held on Saturdays, the prize fund will be announced separately and may include platform tokens (they can be exchanged for other currencies within the system at a fixed rate) and Fiat. Registration is required

    to participate . You can follow the announcements about new hackathons in the group .

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