Remote work, how it works

    At the moment, more than 5 years, I work as a full-time employee under a remote scheme. In this article I will talk about how I came to such work, what are the pros and cons, and what I plan to do with this all.

    I started my career in IT from work in a 1C franchisee, where I received average money for my small town, then I was drawn to something more "scary", I began to learn Python / Java. This allowed me to create several projects, which to this day bring me an average sn for my city, but it did not work out cool. I didn’t have eggs and money to open something more serious and risky, so I began to look for another job. As it turned out, there was nothing in the city (and now it is not), so I began to consider options for moving to another city, at the same time I read different books. So in the famous book “Remote. The office is not required, ”I learned about the opportunity to work at the remote site, after which I began the search. After 2 months, sending every day 30 applications to different companies, I found a job as a tester for a remote, then I grew to QA-Automation,

    Organization udalenki

    1) I am fully decorated as a staff member. In fact, my workplace is listed as Moscow. I send documents by mail, and once a year at a general meeting in Moscow I sign all the minor papers.

    • The only disadvantage of such a scheme is the fear of banks. Like, why do you want to take a loan here if you work in Moscow. Where he worked there and get it. But as my colleagues say, my case is an exception.

    2) Workplace, all equipment, IDEA, etc. - at my expense. I guarantee to the employer that I independently ensure the efficiency of the equipment. The maximum period of absence for technical reasons is 2 hours. On this, in general, they slaughtered everything, but when the construction of the neighboring house was going on and often there was no fall, I had to keep the cables of two providers at home.

    3) There is no “juggling” with screen shots, webcams and more. I just have to write off 7 hours per day for tasks. Once a week, team lead checks the adequacy of your charges. About this particular conflict for 5 years was not.

    4) Standard meetings, phoned through zoom, slack for corporate communication, Jira delivery tools and others. According to the general feeling, it turns out many times easier than walking around the office and looking for the person you need. I wrote, called - he answered, fumbled the screen, showed the code, and everything is fine.

    5) Sn drops on the card, insurance is sent by mail, leave certificates and more - through accountants and managers. A couple of times a year going on a corporate trip (actually paid vacation for a week).

    6) Bonuses, buns, corporate English and so on - everything is just like that of people, reporting on checks in bookkeeping.

    As a conclusion: in terms of productivity and organization of work, there is no difference at all if you are at home or go to the office.

    Plus udalenki for the company

    Practice shows that developers from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk are quite expensive, which is quite mobile in this case. Those. if today you hire a person for an adequate sn, after 6-12 months, a person can leave for quite adequate reasons:

    • Above sn
    • Closer to home
    • More comfortable office
    • Having friends in this company
    • And so on

    This all adds to the turnover, which has a rather negative impact on the timing of development. Plus you have to spend a lot on everything related to Hr.

    At the same time, if we take cities by type: Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Crimea, Krasnodar, Saratov, Belgorod, etc., then you can find a sufficiently large number of competent developers who will be happy to work at Moscow Minus 10-20%. It will be many times more than they get on the spot, and a bit cheaper for the company.

    Plus the mentality of the people. If a developer of a sufficiently high level did not go “to conquer Moscow or the Valley”, then it is quite likely that he doesn’t really like change, he is satisfied with a calm, measured life. Therefore, offering good salary and lack of crap, such a person stays with us. So almost 2/3 of our teams have been working for more than 5 years, and all the duties of Hr are made by one girl.

    Income issue

    At the current place I get about 3 salaries, which I would be offered in the regional center. Here we add the income from my own projects, and it turns out that I live very poorly by local standards.

    Given that this is not freelancing, I have no problems with taxes, medical support and so on. This is a fairly good condition, if you have a moving psyche and are very worried when there are no orders, the customer throws money and so on.

    Working from home, I save about 20% of my sn, which I would spend on the way to work, dining at work, some spontaneous purchases on my way home, clothes, gasoline, and so on. Those. for example, I have jeans and sneakers for 4 years, and they feel quite well. They just don't wear out. The truth is sometimes a situation arises that you need to go somewhere in a less businesslike form, but I don’t have it.

    What has become worse is that utility payments have increased, plus I change the computer chair + mouse, keyboard once a year.

    The issue of professional growth

    As for personal growth, modern technologies allow organizing “the advice of experienced colleagues” on remoteness. There are no problems, just to have your own desire to ask questions.

    As for career growth, it is more difficult. Growth in one company has a limit, but remoteness right from real cool projects is a rarity. Most often, steep team-leading positions are located in Moscow, and there are already recruiting people into the office. Those. while udalenka more, for ordinary developers.

    The question of the emotional component

    1) Relationships and girls. It is advisable to go to the remote, when you already have a companion, or there is a good option. First, in one sit at home - you can move out from the coils. Secondly, when you go to the office, you are always ready to go somewhere, go for a walk, tell some stories and so on, and when you work from home, the desire disappears, you don't have decent clothes, and in general you become more closed.

    2) Cats and other pets. I have a cat and cats at home who help me cope with stress. From time to time I play with them, and secondly, often when programming, I explain to them how my code works. Surprisingly, it helps to quickly delve into the essence of the problem. My colleagues from Udalenka, almost all of them have pets.

    3) Comfort work from home. Some of my colleagues are making a “nest” on the balcony so that their wife and children do not tug them much. Someone is renting himself some space. Someone goes to work to the neighbors, someone works from their parents. There are many options, all have their disadvantages. One thing is for sure, 100% get rid of interference will not work. To this must be prepared.

    4) The feeling of "eternal work." When you work from home, there is a feeling that your home is work. It can strain. In my case, it was not I who became freaking out, but my wife, who began to complain that a computer was buzzing at home all the time. Solved the problem by transferring the workplace to the kitchen, plus buying a quiet computer. But anyway, from time to time there are small quarrels, especially if you have to work at night.

    5) Not for zinger. There were people in the team who like to talk on various topics, “joke around in the smoking room”, flirt with girls from other departments and so on. They could not work at a remote place, just at some point their productivity dropped, some kind of depression appeared and people left.

    6) Additional stabilizer. When communicating with colleagues, it became clear that many people could not work all the time, so someone is walking through Google maps in Ny-York, someone is playing on promotions, someone is watching streaming games, or serials. This does not interfere with productivity, but it does relax.

    As a conclusion

    Remote work is a good way to get a good sn, if you do not want to go to conquer Moscow or the valley. It has many drawbacks, most of all on an emotional level, but it turns out to be quite comfortable working conditions.

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