Intelligent time dilation function appeared in Youtube video editor

    Explosions and Slow Motion are known to make almost any video better. But attempts to add drama by slowing down a regular video shot at 25 frames per second look rather pathetic. The Youtube video editor has the ability to beautifully slow down any video. The algorithm calculates intermediate frames by analyzing the contents of the video. It turns out pretty well, especially if you do not abuse the maximum eightfold slowdown - along the edges of moving objects traces of interpolation become visible. Here is an example of a four times slow motion video:

    You can clearly see how the inscription in the lower right corner is trying to "leave" along with passing cars. In general, the video is only slightly more blurry than the original . Using the example on the Youtube blog, traffic is slowed down to a maximum of eight times, and the “halo” around pedestrians is much more noticeable:

    And here is the original video:

    This, of course, is not Twixtor , but for a free “folk” instrument it is very decent, especially if the original video was shot from a tripod, in HD and with a fairly short shutter speed.

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