Skillbox Webinars: Friday Collection

    Today is Friday, which means we are publishing another collection of webinars for Habr's readers. It tells about the various nuances of design and programming, including the entry threshold for programmers, creating your first iOS application and how to avoid burnout, doing what seems to be a favorite thing. Under the cut - webinars, whose authors talk about all this.

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    What a web designer needs to know

    In this webinar, Igor Koropov talks about the nuances of the profession of a web designer. The conversation is not only about what tasks the web designer, but also about the difficulties that are encountered in the way of such a specialist. For example, why the client does not accept the design, what problems usually arise in communicating with the customer and what qualities distinguish a good designer. Plus - additional questions like why the color wheel doesn't work and how to live with it.

    What is burnout and how to deal with it

    Useful for many specialists (not only web designers) webinar, where the speaker talks about professional burnout, its causes, and how to deal with this phenomenon. One of the authors of the webinar, AIC studio chief designer Sergey Popkov, talks about how he himself suffered from this problem and how it was solved.

    Java developer profession: low entry threshold

    The Java programming language is an easy-to-learn and yet demanded one. It is used by developers of mobile applications and services. Speakers of our new webinar tell how to become a Java developer and what this specialty gives to a programmer.

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    How to develop creativity

    Creativity - the element is uncontrollable, we are all used to think so. But what if creative is the basis of your profession? It turns out that creativity can be developed. How to achieve this, says the leading illustrator of the agency Bang! Bang! Ilya Mitroshin.

    Effective tips for novice designers

    The authors of the webinar will talk about design trends, styles, references and much more. Successful cases of other companies and individual designers, the choice of topics for creativity - all this is in the webinar. The authors analyze examples of sites of well-known companies, for example, Rosatom.

    Starting iOS Development: First Application

    How to create an application for iOS? Says Nikita Arkhipov, CEO of Anvics. It shows examples of applications that can be developed independently, for example, a video editor. After reviewing this webinar, you can master the basic programming techniques, the Xcode interface, and other tools of an iOS programmer.

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    Web Design Trends - 2018

    Here everything is clear by the title. In 2018, new design trends appeared, some of them differ from the trends of previous years. What and why? About this tells the founder of the online university Skillbox Igor Koropov.

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