SpaceX held the first Mars Workshop

    On August 7 and 8, the current, 2018, SpaceX, jointly at the University of Colorado Boulder (University of Colorado Boulder) held the first, the so-called. "Inaugural", a seminar dedicated to future flights to Mars with the help of a future rocket and BFR / BFS spacecraft ( Big Falcon Rocket ) and other problems of the colonization of Mars. About sixty people attended the seminar. Among them were almost 60 key scientists and engineers from industry, academia and government, officials and scientists from NASA, including several leaders from the Mars exploration program.


    There were no journalists and bloggers at the seminar, the participants received personal invitations that encouraged them to participate in “active discussions about what is required to complete such missions”. In addition, the participants were asked not to publish information about the seminar and about their participation in its work, but, as you see, it was leaked.

    There are three leading workshops. This is Paul Wooster (Paul Wooster, who is SpaceX's principal Mars development engineer), chief development engineer for Mars at SpaceX; Margarita Marinova (Margarita Marinova, senior Mars development engineer), senior development engineer of Mars; and Bobby Braun (Dean of the College of Engineering & Applied Science at CU Boulder), Dean of the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences at CU Boulder. Brown is also known as the former chief technology officer of NASA; in the past he worked on SpaceX projects.

    This is the first meeting of this magnitude. Earlier, only vague rumors about Mask’s meetings on the subject behind the scenes of various events flowed to the press. In SpaceX for refused to comment on the event, but confirmed the fact of its holding. In response to a request, Brown published the following statement: “CU Boulder and its Laboratory of Atmospheric and Cosmic Physics are proud to receive a wide range of government and industry representatives this week in discussions on Mars surface technology,” he said. “We are the national center for innovation in the aerospace industry, and meeting with an industry partner like SpaceX is part of what we do.”

    This is a study of the development of the atmosphere. "As part of what we do."

    This post is based on two articles and one message on Twitter:

    «SpaceX Hosting Stealth the Mars Settlement Workshop»
    «SpaceX organizes the inaugural conference to off-plan on the Mars Landings»

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    A link appeared in the comments to the discussion of this topic in reddit. There is a list of participants, and I propose separately to draw attention to the fact that not only American participants participated, but also ASI (Italy) ESA (Europe) JAXA (Japan) and MBRSC (UAE) that it is too late to build rockets, because it is cheaper to order delivery from him.

    Pay attention to the fact that there are no Roscosmos and Russian scientists among those invited. Although, it seems to me that Erik Galimov, the former director of GEOKHI RAS, could be invited or sent an invitation on his recommendation.

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