Sockets by Jolla

    Looking at this post and the comments in it, I found that most people do not understand what it is all about, why Jolla so much focuses on its “panels” and why these colorful pieces of plastic are so unique.

    For those interested, I ask for cat.

    It's no secret that the competition in the smartphone market is quite fierce, and even microsoft and Nokia, which pour huge amounts of money into Windows Phone, cannot bite off at least a significant part of the pie.
    It seems that Jolla understands this quite well and has no illusions that their undoubtedly fresh and relevant platform will easily and easily conquer the market. In 2013, good hardware and software is no longer enough for a young and ambitious company to travel to the big world. Need an idea. And then the “panels" come on the scene.

    Each socket (or, according to the official presentation - the Other Half) may contain additional hardware. The following things have been officially mentioned or confirmed:
    - enhanced battery
    - gamepad
    - more powerful flash
    - qwerty-keyboard
    - wireless charging

    There are no details about the interface between the phone itself and its soulmate, but Mark Dillon himself says that "everything is limited only by your imagination." Well, let's dream.
    How do you like the mini-printer in your phone that comes unfastened at any moment and changes, say, to a reinforced battery?
    What about a more powerful speaker that can be attached when traveling to the country?
    Second e-ink display for reading books? Is it tempting?

    In addition, it is mentioned that each half can have its own set of software in the appendage. This opens up even more interesting prospects. For example, a Navitel or some other navigation software sold in the form of a socket with a good GPS receiver. There are really millions of possibilities, and the only question is whether this is enough to stir up the Android-iPhone world.

    I really, really hope that's enough.


    UPD: I do not claim that this idea is unique and will be in demand. I just tried to convey it to Russian-speaking users.
    " It is not a cover, it is the other half :)" Jolla

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