Motivation of people and animals - an inside look

    If you do not constantly think about the cause of your own actions or the actions of subordinates - do not read this post, drink a blue pill with some water (or vodka) and sleep on.
    In the article I want to give a subjective look at the nature of motivation and bring out a couple of three simple principles - how to still remain a Human being, working in a modern company.

    All the same, think about it.
    After a certain period of time, possibly after years, usually (but not at all) comes the understanding that most of the actions we do are influenced by nature (genital logic) and desires acquired from society (through marketing) - and only occasionally, during moments of insight and uplift, or vice versa, tragedy - we make, as it seems to us, a free choice.
    Some continue to stay awake and want to get more and more control over themselves and their inner freedom, constantly develop high qualities in themselves, grow professionally - engage in creativity, create something new, lead behind themselves. Well, or something like that - that you need to do this and that’s the only way your whole life.
    Thus developing himself, in a natural way, a person learns to overcome his own vices and destructive desires. At the same time, appreciating himself, he begins to appreciate the inner man in others - i.e. Despite the strange guided behavior of those around him, he sees in them a huge objective value, and ... he doesn’t troll, but he tries to at least not harm his personality - and even better, to direct him to development.

    What kind of company should be - in which you will work or which you will create in order to observe the above rules of self-development and the values ​​of people?

    We will go over popular desires and inclinations and try to find a fair way out of everyone.


    No matter how we want to look good in the eyes of others, powdering a malignant tumor of amateurism (i.e. lying out of fear), they teach us frankly bad at universities and other educational institutions (I'm not talking about purchased diplomas from the blue pill world). And to become a professional (including in IT) - you need years of sweat and blood. Therefore, in order to be a Man and to develop, you have to learn constantly, both in your free time and at work. No need to be ashamed of this - it is honest and fair. Therefore, in the Right company they give the opportunity to learn and share knowledge (internal social networks, courses, time for communication). In companies from the world of the blue pill, people simply lie that they are experts, swearing at each other's stupidities. And from the outside it looks ... scary.

    Want or "maybe"?

    The trouble is, when an employee really wants to do one thing, but it turns out well for him is completely different. If you indulge him, then people without hearing will sing, read poetry - graphomaniacs, and manage - the finished cruel power-hungry people. It takes a lot of patience from you as a manager in order to create conditions and to reveal in an employee exactly what he does well and convince him to do this, to fall in love with him. In companies from the world of blue pills - they often give people what they want - they produce a bunch of directors (what a fool will leave the post of first vice president and mega-leader), and simple and responsible people who simply can’t sit idle and chat on social networks .


    The task is difficult to solve effectively if there is a lack of information. Managers sometimes take advantage of the fact that more employees know and abuse it - generating inefficiency and debauchery. Therefore, strive to create an open, effective workflow so that everyone can access the necessary information and solve the problem simply and quickly. In companies from the world of blue pills, employees are afraid of openness, weave secret intrigues, departments duplicate each other's work, etc. Try stepping over your head ...


    Of course, openness requires courage. Laziness and / or fear of exposing shallow knowledge in any subject area creates terrible problems that accumulate and then explode with 30 kilotons of feces, infecting dozens of people in the company. In development, this is generally manifested very brightly. Therefore, it is good and effective when conditions are created and the search for the causes of problems, discussion and search for simple solutions is encouraged. When it’s not scary to tell the truth, they will hear you, gather a group and eliminate the ugliness.


    Weak - dangerous. He will substitute and betray at the moment of changing circumstances for the worse - as a result, the task will be solved poorly, superficially, for the sake of any fleeting desire. And then, after a while, this time bomb will explode. It is necessary to try to be strong and to encourage strength and energy in colleagues and subordinates.


    It should be - time. And to be adequate - two. Not overpriced like stars and not underestimated, as they sometimes try to make a blue pill in the companies of the world.
    An employee without proper self-esteem is constantly looking for himself - who is coaching his own sadistic inclinations on subordinates, and who is fulfilling the role of slave in role-playing games in the office and not only ;-) Both are deviations from the Human being. You need to be aware of your level and constantly improve it.

    Company dedication

    Although before Freud it was known that a man never misses the eye of an attractive woman and then remembers her (and some more) - in order to be a Man you need to be completely devoted to the company in which you work. It's not about any options and shares - you just need to give yourself to the fullest, without a trace, during working hours. There is no, you must agree, partial love - either all or nothing :-) An employee, therefore, either himself or with a manager, is working to realize the importance of working in the company, every hour spent. I'm serious. Otherwise, you are an adulterer. You are no longer acting as a Man, but as a lascivious cat in the spring - you stick out on social networks during working hours, etc.

    Especially smart

    There are very smart and talented people by nature. It is a fact. One of two of these in the team - and you can fly to Mars in a week. But this is a curse given for even more intensive work on oneself to build a Man :-) In the companies of the world, blue tablets of these people are cherished and indulged - but you just need to create conditions for the effective inclusion of this subject in the team, so that he forgot about himself, indulged in his favorite work with colleagues and stopped crying for life and hurting others for the fact that he could not find a place for himself.

    Have you really read to the end? You are precisely the chosen one. Observing the above principles and not stopping taking the red pill - preserving faith in yourself, as a Human being, and in your colleagues, managers or subordinates, not exchanging for instincts on trifles - you boldly step forward in life, towards development, towards Man - every day .

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