Highscreen released the cheapest smartphones with 2- and 4-core processors

    I received today a press release about two new Highscreen smartphones - Spark and Omega Q. The first costs 4 thousand rubles, the second - 9 thousand. At the same time, the first, according to the stated brand, is “the cheapest device in Russia with a dual-core processor”, and the second is “the cheapest with a quad-core”. I

    looked just the same: there is a Fly IQ430 Evoke on sale for 4,300, which is also dual-core. (I didn’t find anything more for comparable money.) The difference with Highscreen Spark is not big - 300 rubles, but Fly is inferior in most respects: it has a 3 megapixel camera and a 3.5-inch screen with a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels. The Highscreen, for comparison, has 5 megapixels and 4 inches (480 x 800). True, Spark Android version is not the latest - 4.0, while Fly - 4.1. Nevertheless, in my opinion, a better screen is still more useful.

    In general, of course, it’s impressive - smartphones are getting cheaper day by day. And this is not the limit: there is also a MegaFon Login for about 2,500 - it is similar to the Fly IQ430 Evoke in terms of characteristics, but at the same time it is single-core. Well, it’s locked into the MegaFon network, which should not be forgotten either.

    Highscreen Omega Q is not so cheap - 8 990, but it is “quad”. Indeed, I do not recall devices with four cores for the money. The cheapest models cost around 10 thousand and are based on the Taiwanese MediaTek MT6577 chipset. Meanwhile, the Omega Q uses Qualcomm MSM8225Q; this chipset belongs to the Snapdragon S4 Play family, that is, not to the latest generation. There have been no devices based on it in Russia yet, and, apparently, will not be any more - in half a year models on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 (8225Q), which has the same four Cortex-A5 cores, will go. True, they are made according to the norms of the 28-nanometer process technology, and not the 45-nanometer one, as in the case of the MSM8225Q Snapdragon S4 Play.

    Well, I’ll note that if it’s silly to find fault with Spark, it costs a lot, then Highscreen Omega Q I would “wish” to get a more capacious battery - here it is 1,600 mAh. Although, I think, he will live a day and a half, and today it’s silly to demand more from a budget smart on Android.
    Highscreen Spark and Highscreen Omega Q

    Here are the performance characteristics of these devices:

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