Google Glass MedRef App Identifies a Person Using a Face Image

    And not only to identify, but also to display a large amount of information about a particular person. This application was not designed to walk the streets and find out who is called. The developer envisaged the use of MedRef, primarily for medical professionals. For example, when you look at a patient through Google Glasses, the doctor immediately gets the person’s first name / surname, plus his medical history, plus much more.

    Of course, the application can also be used for non-medical purposes, but here the developer no longer takes responsibility for such use of the program. As for the doctors, I think such a program will be very useful for them. After all, the displayed information will contain data on allergic reactions of a person, on his current vital signs and so on.

    The program was developed by a team led by Lance Nanek. If you are interested in the source of the program, you can find them here >.

    Well, the application in operation is shown in the video:

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