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    The habr already had a similar review of the super secure datAshur flash drive, however today I would like to talk about all models of secure devices from this manufacturer.

    I order such devices quite often, so the manufacturer provided a promotional code specifically for this review ( 5% discount - LS18413 ).


    So, at the heart of any such information carrier is a keyboard for dialing a PIN code. The devices are presented in various form factors: a flash drive (datAshur, 4-32 Gb) and hard drives (250-3000 Gb).



    datAshur is a flash drive with a keyboard for entering a PIN code. A very big plus of this device is that when you work, you do not need additional software - Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and other OSs that understand ordinary flash drives will perceive this one without any problems.

    Cryptography is based on 256-bit AES encryption on the fly, that is, all the data that gets to the USB flash drive is already protected and the soldering of the memory to another, “normal” USB flash drive will not allow you to see the contents.

    The flash drive weighs 25 grams, dimensions: 80x20x10 mm - a little more than the average flash drive at the moment, but the shock resistance and moisture resistance, in my opinion, are worth it.

    A flash drive is available in 4 different volumes: 4, 8, 16 or 32 Gb. The read and write speeds are at a very good level - up to 27 megabytes per second for reading, 27 - for writing.

    Now about the pin code. To activate the USB flash drive, you need to dial a pin code (from 7 to 15 digits) on the keyboard and press the button with the key. If the code is entered correctly, the green LED lights up and you can connect to the computer. Otherwise, the red LED lights up and you can try to enter the PIN code again. After 10 incorrect attempts to enter the PIN code, the data on the USB flash drive is erased permanently and in this case only a complete reset of the device will help. The manufacturer provides 2 types of pin code: administrator and user. An administrator pin code is useful, for example, if you want to give this flash drive to your employee, but, in which case, have access to files.
    After using the USB flash drive, it is enough to simply disconnect it from the computer and it will automatically block, no additional actions are required to block it. This is convenient if you received a tax - pull out a USB flash drive and you can not worry. Inside there is a built-in battery that automatically recharges when the USB flash drive is connected to the computer. The memory is non-volatile, if the battery runs out - you just need to connect the USB flash drive without entering a PIN code for half an hour and the battery will recharge.

    Such a device costs from 39 to 99 pounds (1900 - 4800 rubles), depending on the volume. The manufacturer provides a 3-year warranty.

    On this page you can read more information and see photos of the device:
    The instructions can be found at this link:

    Now let's move on to the review of hard drives.


    Winchesters are presented in 5 different models. Some of them support USB 3.0, some use SSD.

    The principle of operation of such hard drives is exactly the same as the flash drive described above, the difference is only in the amount of data and the size of the device.

    diskAshur and diskAshur SSD


    These drives look the same, but as the name suggests, they have one important difference - one of them uses an SSD. Also, the version without SSD can be bought with 128-bit encryption, it will cost 20 pounds cheaper than 256-bit. The SSD version is only available with 256-bit encryption. Both drives support USB 3.0 and do not require additional software. The power comes from the USB port, no additional adapters are needed.
    The volume of disks is from 250 to 1500 Gb for the version without SSD and from 64 to 512 Gb for the version with SSD. Such a thing costs from 119 to 269 pounds (5800 - 13000 rubles) for the version without SSD and from 169 to 639 pounds (8200 - 31000 rubles) for the SSD version. Similarly, the manufacturer gives a three-year warranty.

    Description of drives on the manufacturer's website:

    Also on sale is a “stripped down” version of diskAshur - diskG. The latter only supports USB 2.0 and is available in volumes from 250 to 1000 Gb (version without SSD) and from 64 to 512 Gb in the SSD version. There are no differences in price and other differences compared to the “big brother”.

    diskAshur DT


    The last device I want to talk about is a desktop hard drive. Supports USB 3.0, comes in three flavors: 1 TB, 2 TB, and 3 TB. It costs a drive from 179 to 279 pounds (8600 - 13500 rubles) - the lowest price per gigabyte of all the devices presented. The device is powered by an external adapter, so for work you will need an electrical outlet. Like the previous ones, the manufacturer gives a three-year warranty on this device.

    Below you can see a summary table for all devices.


    At the end, a nice bonus - a promotional code from the manufacturer for a 5% discount LS18413

    Thank you for your attention!

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